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Research Paper on Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality Research Papers – Tips for Writing

Writing a gender and sexuality research paper will involve you in topics that are familiar to everyone; it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to select and develop this type of research paper. As for references, they abound for this subject matter whether on the internet or in real libraries. The problems you will face, as far as references are concerned, will be; first, the credibility of the source and second, the continued availability of the source (if it is from the web). Web sources need to stay there for future reference.

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Here are some good custom essay topics for a gender and sexuality research paper:

  1. Research on the differences in prerogatives and obligations between the man and the woman in a marital relationship.
  2. Research on the history of Matriarchal Societies.
  3. Research on famous female monarchs in history.
  4. Why are there no female popes, archbishops and priests?
  5. Research on the emasculation of the male in modern society. What are its causes, its manifestations and possible repercussions on the fabric of society.
  6. Research on Amazons. Were they real or myths?

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