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Qualitative Research Papers

Qualitative research paper is a paper in the field of social sciences based on qualitative research method. In opposite to quantitative methods qualitative ones mean descriptive research such as historical and ethnographic, communities’ exploration and other research connected with social life. Also this kind of research paper needs bibliography work although it has a secondary meaning in this case. The final essence is to take facts and to interpret them to expose a concrete problem with its reasons and results. In this section you will find information about qualitative research and its methods, differences between qualitative and quantitative research.

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Different Types of Approach in Your Qualitative Research Method

A qualitative research method is mostly employed by students who are writing a paper for the social science discipline. As all research papers are, the method used by the student in gathering information should not be limited to the library or the internet. Though convenient and generally reliable, these two resources can restrict a student in writing because the facts provided are generalizations. Aside from this, publications and online sites are secondary resources. Needless to say, these kinds of resources are not the preferred reference materials in the social science discipline. To be able to address this concern, you must be able to administer a qualitative research method. There are varied approaches or methodologies when qualitative research is involved. This includes: ethnographic, phenomenology, historical research, ethical inquiry, critical social research, foundational research, philosophical research and grounded theory qualitative research. If you are writing a qualitative research paper and would need help, ProfEssays.com is your best bet to snag the good research paper that you want. As a company dedicated in the provision of exceptional qualitative research paper help, we can guarantee that you can get the quality paper and service we provide, every single time for rates that are unbelievably reasonable.

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A qualitative research paper focuses on the reasons and the processes underlying certain phenomena, as opposed to quantitative research which regards a phenomenon as the mathematical result of combining varying proportions of the elements that make up the research object. Qualitative research papers are often conducted in the sociological and psychological sciences as well as in the disciplines derived from them, such as; marketing and economics. To differentiate clearly between the two types of analyses, you can look up samples of each at ProfEssays.com. Its archives contain exemplary samples of any type of essay and research paper, covering any essay topic and suggesting many research paper ideas.

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The main distinction between qualitative and quantitative analyses lies in the fact that qualitative research papers focus not only on the characteristics of the event being analyzed by also on the interaction between these characteristics as a principal influence in bringing about the event. Quantitative research papers, on the other hand, lay stress on the numerical proportions of the characteristics without explaining why such magnitudes should cause the manifestations being studied.

To further elucidate, while quantitative analysis might discover that at temperatures of 100 degrees centigrade and above, water turns gaseous, the minute details of the process of evaporation belong to a qualitative research paper. Evidently, qualitative analysis relies on knowledge of previously proven facts and experience rather than on conducting experiments from which absolute or percentile measurements may be computed and made to bear on the explanations of phenomena. Equally as evident is the fact that neither types of research or analyses can be completely accurate without the other.

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The Basic Differences Between Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research

In writing a social science research paper, your professor will ask you to use either a qualitative research method or a quantitative research method. To identify which of these two is more appropriate for your research paper topic, it would be beneficial for you to identify their differences. Based on their root word alone, it is easy to identify that a quantitative research finds its foundation on quantity or numbers. Research conducted in this method requires a student to conduct research that would allow them to present their data in measurable terms. Data in this type of research can be represented by use of graphs and tables. Meanwhile, a qualitative research is more focused on providing descriptions rather than generalization through numbers. Because of this basic difference, it can be identified that a qualitative research is useful in a descriptive research paper while quantitative research paper can be used on a scientific research paper to test a hypothesis. If the distinction between qualitative research and quantitative research has been established already, it is now possible for you to identify which research method is more appropriate for your topic. Do you need someone to help you come up with a good research paper? ProfEssays.com is the only name to trust.

What is a Grounded Theory Qualitative Research?

GT or Grounded theory is a type of qualitative research that is used on academic papers on social sciences. When creating a research paper, a student needs to create a hypothesis first. From there, a researcher can conduct research in support of his theories. Well, this is not the case with grounded theory qualitative research. Referred to by many as reverse engineered hypothesis, researches done with this method does not follow the usual step by step process of creating a research paper. Here, a researcher must first collect data using different methods, such as interview, survey, gathering of quantitative data, and observation. After the data has been collected, the researcher identifies and extracts the key points from the text – which is called codes. These codes will be grouped accordingly where categories will be formed. From these categories, a theory will be created. This interesting twist in research paper writing can allow you to come up with a valid and good research paper as the theories that you have are literally well-founded. Once you have come to the point of finalizing your hypothesis all the necessary work in substantiating it has already been done. Does your writing task still falter you? If so, consult the custom research paper writing company ProfEssays.com and we can ease out your academic paper related stress.

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