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7 Cs For A Superior Philosophy Research Paper

Philosophy Research Paper
Philosophy means love of knowledge (Philo-love; Sophie-knowledge). Philosophy offers explanations to the questions about human existence, understanding and ethics. A good Philosophy Research Paper gives an insight into various facets to the extant and emerging knowledge base of humanity. With expertise on in various attributes of philosophy, the academic writers at ProfEssays.com can give you a good research paper backed by in-depth research and deep reasoning.

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For you ProfEssays.com has compiled 7 Cs that can assist you in completing a superior philosophy research paper:

  1. Careful subjectivity- the questions of morality and ethics need to be explained subjectively. Philosophy takes its content from popular theories like utilitarianism (it says what is useful is good and ethical) and also social contract theory (it says what is voluntarily agreed by the society is ethical and moral). Naturally, the concept of right or wrong has to be decided based on the criterion postulated by the theories rather than depending entirely on your own subjectivity.
  2. Critical and logical thinking- you should demonstrate strong ability to think critically and logically the ideas you put forward. Also, do not hesitate to question ideas and theories of other philosophers- think like a philosopher!
  3. Clear and unambiguous language- language, as it is ordinarily used, is vital to tackle many philosophical queries. Analytic and Linguistic Philosophy that has become an important area lately depends heavily on tackling the confusions of language through language.
  4. Correlation among disciplines- philosophy takes its materials heavily from other disciplines like biology, sociology, psychology, histories, etc. You should make yourself familiar with these disciplines and give them proper representation in your research paper.
  5. Captivate readers- decide an interesting topic and forward arguments that have capability to capture the attention of the readers. The topics and ideas that have been explored to depth and have hardly anything to explore will not captivate the readers. For example, debate on existence of God may not attract readership unless you have something novel and interesting.
  6. Counterarguments- all ideas based on reasoning can invite objections. Even those ideas based on facts can be manipulated differently by different readers and authors. A good philosophy research paper should anticipate counterarguments, put questions and offer well founded and wise answers to the same.
  7. Clear & concise conclusions- after your arguments and counterarguments, questions and answers, and experts’ views that you put forward, give a clear and concise conclusion. Make sure that you explain the paper in its entirety and clarify your stand while maintaining brevity.

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