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Parts of a Research Paper

What Are the Parts of a Research Paper

The parts of a research paper are divisions into which the different aspects making up the structure of the dissertation are grouped. This arrangement allows readers to read and understand each aspect without necessarily reading through the whole research paper. For instance, the materials and methods section should form a completely comprehensible entity within the paper, so with the results section. To provide yourself with excellent samples for study, look up the article archives of ProfEssays.com. There are papers there for many research paper ideas and essay topics, samples of autobiographical research papers and the standard research papers, all written with exemplary skill.

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The following is a list of the parts of a research paper:

  1. The title page should contain a clear statement about the nature and objectives of the research. Additionally you should list there the names and addresses of all the participants in the project and the date the paper was submitted.
  2. The abstract section is a synopsis of the objectives, methods, results and conclusions of the research consisting of 200 pages or less.
  3. The Introduction should familiarize the reader with the rationale underlying the research paper and how such a methodology should arrive at the conclusions you are defending.
  4. The materials and methods section will list the instruments and personnel that were involved in the research as well as the manner in which the research was conducted.
  5. The results cite the objective findings gleaned from the research.
  6. The discussion section is the portion of the research paper where the findings were discussed and logical conclusions from such findings were drawn. This is probably the most important of the parts of a research paper.
  7. The references section lists down the books and other materials that were used to reinforce the pivotal ideas in the research paper.

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