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Labor Studies Research Papers

Writing a Timely Labor Studies Research Paper

A labor studies research paper deals with anything involving or related to the working class. As opposed to the capitalists who own the businesses, working class people are hired by the capitalists to run their business. Everyone who earns his living on a regular wage paid by an employer, technically belongs to this class. The scope of your subject matter for a labor studies research paper is wide. It includes the psychology of labor management, the laws determining the protocol to be observed in administrative operations, the legality of the minimum wage and many others.

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  1. Research on the right standards for health hazard evaluation methods.
  2. Research on the practice of child labor in underdeveloped countries. To what extent do such practices represent a possible breach of legal constraints dictated by the human rights of the children concerned.
  3. Research on the regulations to ensure the effectiveness of safety precautions for people engaged in construction.
  4. Research on the role of gender in the different types of workplaces. Identify those aspects of role assignment that are dependent on gender. Suggest any improvements that may be implemented to remedy shortcomings in that gender-related system.
  5. Research on the occurrence and circumstances attending present-day illegal alien labor in the United States. Make recommendations for legalizing or banning such labor.

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