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International Crime Intervention Research Papers

International crime intervention can be explained as the inference of one state into the affairs of another state with an intention to mediate the disputes within the territory. An international crime intervention essay is one in which a writer requires to discuss the objective, type and reasons for inference, international laws and past and current instances of international intervention in countries to settle matters and bring peace.

These types of essays need to be written keeping in mind global laws and norms and various pacts and treaties between countries. Hence, one needs to carefully chalk out a definite plan for the essay and design a systematic research methodology to approach the essay.

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For assignments of such nature which are based entirely on facts one should know how to make an essay outline to draft the chronology and sequence of events of the final essay.
The specialists of ProfEssays.com are backed by their experience and qualification to write these types of essays and have shared below their expertise to help students in writing assignments based of such topics:

• The non acceptance of the concept of international crime intervention
There have been varied reaction and opinions on the concept of international intervention; it is a widely known fact that most countries were opposed to the concept of third party interference in settling indigenous matters. Therefore, one should research into the initial reasons of rejection of this concept, one should look at discussing:

► The scenario and the outlook of countries on this concept per World War II.
► Public international law
► International customary law

• Post World war scenario and the acceptance of humanitarian intervention
One of the key points to discuss in an international crime intervention essay is the shift in the outlook of counties initially opposing this concept writes need to research on the evolution of the thoughts of the countries and the events that led to this chain, some significant points that one could elaborate on comprise of:

► Post world War II scenario
► The Biafran War which led to famine
► The development of NGO’s like that of Médecins Sans Frontières
► The emergence and acceptance of humanitarian intervention and the ‘Responsibility to protect’.

• Objective of inference
A good research paper or essay on such topics should clearly bring out the objective and the ideology behind international intervention. One should highlight the points of peacekeeping,
maintaining law and order, territorial integrity and aiding nations to end the suffering of their citizens. It is essential to read through and thoroughly examine the containments of the global laws.

• International crime intervention for protection of cultural rights
There have been numerous cases of the prevalence of diverse cultural groups in different countries who often face numerous issues and discriminations, and therefore, international intervention has often been required in such countries to safeguard and protect the cultural rights of minorities. It is essential that in these types of essays the writers should illustrate certain instances where in the United Nations has intervened in countries like Canada, Australia etc. for such purposes.

• Past cases of humanitarian and international intervention
One of the key elements of an international intervention essay is to exemplify certain past and current instances of inference in countries. One should study and analyze current affairs situations and as well as past cases. Some cases that one could look at illustration on are:

► The intervention of the United States in the war in Iraq
► British and United states intervention in Afghanistan
► Vietnam inference in Cambodia
► The activities of the Unified task force in Somalia in 1992
► The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in1999

• Opposing views on international intervention
Though the intention of international intervention is to bring peace and solidarity, there are still many countries which are averse to this concept. Therefore, to provide a complete global perspective on the matter, it is important for writers to research on the rational and reasoning of countries opposing international intervention, while writing this segment of the assignment one should portray certain exemplars due to which this concept has been opposed.

• Thoughts and views of the writers
On assignments related to global political and legal issues it is vital for the writers to proffer their stand and opinion on matters and, also bring out certain suggestions. However, one should elucidate their thoughts keeping in mind the legal aspects and current global situations.
For writing an international crime intervention essay one requires to research on past occurrences as well as current affairs, which makes this task all the more challenging.
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