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Hip Hop Music Research Paper Writing Fundamentals

Hip hop is a popular genre of music which is also now a popular trend and culture. The origin of the term hip hop is owed to the rapper Keith Cowboy. A hip hop music research paper is an exceptionally interesting task emphasizing on the trends, origin, evolution and the various styles of this genre of music.

A good research paper in such a subject requires offering an in depth perspective of the subject and presenting as much information as possible to the readers. Compiling data and delving into the niceties of such a topic can pose a challenge and take up a lot of time of the students. Therefore, to help students overcome such hindrances and excel in their assignments, ProfEssays.com has pioneered academic writing services for students across the world which gives students an opportunity to buy custom written assignments in a wide range of subjects.

Some of the key tools and fundamentals followed by the writers of ProfEssays.com to write hip hop music research papers and other such assignments comprise of:

► Delving into the history and origin of hip hop music
One of the most essential aspects of a good research paper pertaining to music, art and culture is illustrating the history and origin of the same. A well planned and systematic research approach is the key to successfully fulfilling all such requirements of the assignment. However, while undertaking the research writers ought to encompass and exemplify points such as:
• The creation and offset of hip hop music in the 1970’s
• The key influencing factors of this genre of music – synthesis, rapping and scratching
• History behind the terminology hip – hop
• The trend and origin of hip hop culture

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► Factors that led to the creation of hip hop music
There are several factors which contributed to the creation of hip hop music all of which should be discussed in a hip hop music research paper. The presentation and illustration of such factors add to making the assignment interesting, informative and instructive. Therefore, some of the distinct factors which writers could emphasize are that of:
• The influence of Afro – American music
• The trend of block parties in America which triggered the origin of hip hop
• The influence of disco music in the origin of hip hop

► Evolution of this genre of music
Ever since the origin of hip hop music in 1970, the style has evolved to a great extent, and hence, an A level coursework or a research paper on such a topic ought to portray the progression of this genre of music and the chronology of events which have influenced the same. Writers should look at presenting an era wise change in trend and evolution of hip hop music and its impact on culture and society.

► Some famed singers and musicians of this type of music
A hip hop music research paper ought to discuss the in brief some of the key musicians and singers who pioneered this musical genre, writers could also look at illustrating chart toppers and popular singers who revolutionized hip hop music. Some eminent singers that one should discuss are:
• Keith Cowboy
• Afrika Bambaataa
• DJ Kool Herc
• Spoonie Gee
• Wonky music and Glitch hop

hip hop music research paperTrends and types of music originated from hip hop
Hip hop music has set the trends of a culture by itself and has also originated several different trends in music, and it is essential that these types of essays comprehensively discuss all such trends which include:
• New school hip hop
• street b-boy
• golden age hip hop
• West Coast hip hop and Gangsta rap
• Southern rap

► Impact of hip hop music on society
Hip hop music has started a trend and culture by itself which has influenced society in a great way. One ought to discuss the impact and influence on hip hop music on society and culture, the changes it has brought about in fashion trends, movies, and language of people. A hip hop music research paper should also highlight the criticism it has received and the numerous controversies related to the same.

► Research paper conclusion and writers outlook
The concluding segment of the assignment is an extremely vital and significant part of the paper which requires holding the stance of the writer and their point of view on hip hop music and the cultural trends it has set. The conclusion of the assignment should be crafted keeping in mind the sentiments of the various sects in society.

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