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Heroin Research Paper

Heroin is a drug drawn from morphine and is also known as diamorphine. Though the manufacture and possession of Heroin is considered unlawful, countries are still facing several issues relating to illegal drug trade of heroin.

A heroin research paper should typically cover all aspects pertaining to the history, production, usage and trafficking of the drug and the necessary steps taken to curb the redundant usage of the drug.
Writing an essay on such a topic is similar to writing an illegal drug trade essay, and it requires containing all factual and relevant details regarding the drug and its affects.

Students need to plan and draft an outline of the assignment and conduct a systematic research on the basis of the same so as to successfully achieve the objective of the assignment.

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• Giving a history of the origin of heroin
The heroin research paper should commence with a detailed history and background of the emergence of the drug and the early usage of the same, some of the key point that writers should envelope in the introduction contain that of:
► First manufacturing of heroin by German pharmaceutical company Bayer in 1895 as a cough syrup.
► Marketing of heroin from 1898 to 1910 till it was discovered to be an addictive drug
► Passing of the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act in the year 1914 to curb the manufacture and distribution of heroin.

• Manufacture and production of the drug
Another important component of the paper is giving the basic details of the manufacture and extraction of heroin, so as to give readers an entire overview of the subject. The key elements of discussion in this segment of the research ought to cover comprise of:
► The distillation and refinement of raw opium
► mining and extraction of morphine from opium
► translation of morphine to heroin
► sanitization of heroin and its conversion to hydrochloride salt

• Usage and risks of heroin
A heroin research paper ought to comprise of a detailed narration of the usage of the drug and the affects of its addiction and its risks, therefore writers should delve into the fundamental points such as:
► Risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis
► Risk of addiction and physical dependence on the drug
► Nausea, vomiting and constipation along with severe headaches
► Increasing risk of Cardiovascular & Respiratory aliments

• Illegal trafficking of heroin
Illicit trafficking of heroin is a concern in a lot many countries and the history of trafficking of heroin dates back to the 1920’s. Some interesting facts and details which one ought to highlight include:
► Abolishment of heroin trafficking in course of World War II
► The ways and shipment channels of trafficking heroin – The French Connection
► Trafficking of heroin from Mexico and Columbia

• Withdrawal and recovery
Heroin addicts face numerous withdrawal symptoms which are most commonly known as cold turkey. These types of essays and research assignments ought to give all the necessary symptoms of withdrawals and the assistance provided to persons to overcome their addiction of the drug, some important elements one should discuss comprise of:
► Illustrating the details and facts on the rehabilitation centers available for heroin addicts.
► Withdrawal symptoms of nausea, depression, fever, body aches, cramps and muscle pains.

• Interesting term paper ideas and facts
To raise the level of interest of the readers, one should research for facts and details pertaining to the topic, which may include details like:
► Afghanistan contributing to 87 % of the world’s heroin.
► Heroin trafficking and dealing drawing death penalty in Southeast Asia.
► The role of the Mafia and heroin trafficking.
► Analysis of World Drug Reports etc.

• Conclusion and overview of the topic
The conclusion ought to make a lasting impression on the readers for which writers should intricately craft and plan the appropriate ending of the paper. Essentially writes need to give their outlook on the topic along with their learning, understanding and interpretation of all the research undertaken to write the assignment.
Heroin research paper also needs to comprise of current developments and information pertaining to the same.

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