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Haunted House Research Paper

How to Write a Realistic Haunted House Research Paper

One of the more common themes of a horror story is a haunted house. Numerous films, books, and television programs have been created based on the concept of a haunted house. Since time immemorial, the authenticity of the existence of haunted houses has always been questioned – primarily because logic dictates us not to believe anything that does not have a scientific reasoning or proof. However, despite this statistics show that in three countries (United States of America, Great Britain and Canada), haunted house is the most believable paranormal phenomenon. In essence, haunted houses are places where deceased people’s spirits are said to inhabit.
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These spirits are said to have physical manifestations within the place – which ranges from levitating furniture or appliances and spiritual appearance as well. Writing a haunted house research paper may prove to be difficult because gathering reference and resource materials is a challenge in itself. In some instances even, ideas on haunting have been dismissed outright since the experiences of haunting have been very similar with the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. With all these information, what a student must remember is to take the first step on choosing a term paper topic. With this step, a student must decide on which route he opts to go with his writing. Whether a writer decides to prove or disprove the existence of haunted houses, ProfEssays.com suggests that being objective on discussing is a must.

One thing that links all haunted locations all over the world is the history of its place. All of the haunted places have been reported to have earlier instances of murder, crime or any violent incidences, prior to haunting occurrences. In every country, the existence of the haunted house is not new. In fact, many of these have been the subject of documentaries, films, or books. ProfEssays.com provides you with a brief list of several haunted houses and their short history. Consult this list to have a term paper idea on how to write your haunted house research paper.

  1. Alcatraz
    • Referred to as The Rock, Alcatraz used to be a maximum security prison located in San Francisco Bay. Today, it is a tourist destination where visitors and tour guides, alike have reported instances of slamming cell doors, screams and footsteps.
  2. Aquia ChurchHow to Write a Realistic Haunted House Research Paper
    • Said to be as one of the most haunted churches in Virginia, Aquia church has become a tourist spot because appearances of a while floating figure have been constantly reported. This figure is said to be a woman who was murdered years ago.
  3. Wiccan Circle
    • Situated in Kalmazoo, Michigan, this haunted house gained its name because of the reported Wiccan circle in the house basement. Some of the reports on the haunting include a glowing cross, footsteps, and faucets that turned on and off. Also, there have been 8 reported deaths in the house.
  4. St James Hotel
    • This hotel found in Alabama, have been subject to various spiritual apparitions. Its most famous spiritual inhabitant is Jesse James who is said to have appeared in few of the hotel guest rooms. There were also reports on the apparition of his black dog and Lucinda, his supposed girlfriend. Aside from these three entities, psychics have also pinpointed numerous spirits who inhabit the place.
  5. Dead Children’s Playground
    • In Alabama’s oldest and largest Cemetery, Maple Hill, one will find the Dead Children’s Playground. This playground is said to be haunted by dead children from 10 in the evening to 3 in the morning. Some of the reported incidences include giggling, and swings that move on its own. When pictures are taken, orbs of light appear and these images are said to resemble images of children, when a closer look is taken.
  6. The Catfish Plantation
    • This restaurant can be found in Texas. There have been reports of three entities that have ghostly appearances. Two are females while one is a farmer. Reports are mostly on cooking tools which move by themselves.
  7. Amityville
    • Probably the most famous haunted house in the world, Amityville has become the subject of various movies, books and documentaries. The haunted house earned its name because it is located in the town of Amityville. The stories that surround it is on the murder of the Lutz family.

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