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What Are Different Kinds of Research Papers?

Different Kinds of Research Papers

With a mere intention to thoroughly study a subject and evaluate pupils understanding and writing skills research papers are assigned. Here an evaluator with the piece can very well make out the labour involved with a calibrated presentation put forth. There is variety of research papers acclaimed in the academic world and their basic understanding to develop competent papers is integral. ProfEssays.com presents the following write up to throw light on the question what are different kinds of research papers with their brief explanations.

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Types of research papers

  1. Compare and contrast technique: this kind of research papers involves analyzing two similar subjects with a thorough discussion on their similarities and dissimilarities. A well judged writer can only lay his / her hands on the variety and should be skillful enough to impart justice to the same.
  2. Argumentative essay type: it is a strong paper requiring arguments supported with proper evidences and facts. A writer must be able to present the work in a provoking manner compelling a reader to get involved and carried away with the discussion.
  3. Critical analysis essay type: here fine study of the subject is to be taken up. Even smaller versions are to be analyzed with caution and relevance.
  4. Reports: these research papers are mainly dependent on statistics and plain data. Majorly the variety includes to prepare annul or half yearly reports in a comprehensible flawless manner revealing all required information at a mere glance. Complex reports with no clarity are a sheer waste.
  5. Subject driven research papers: here a write already has an assigned subject and needs to just study and well organize all the content in an extremely professional structure and format.

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