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Dealing With Acid Rain Research Paper

Acid rain refers to rain water containing acidic particles, especially sulphuric and nitric acids. Though sometimes by natural causes, air pollution is the most significant cause of acid rain. Acid rain can have very devastating effects in the creatures and the vegetations. The ecosystem around us including the aquatic ecosystem is endangered by acid rains. Not only us but the upcoming generation  also have to suffer the consequences. Dealing with acid rain research paper requires you to be thorough with acidic substances, their power of destruction, the history and of course the writing process. Many students, however, would like to ensure that their research paper gets a professional touch. This does not only ensures quality, but also saves the researchers time and energy. You can also outsource your research paper to ProfEssays.com and get assured of high quality and well researched paper.

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The following can guide you to complete your acid rain research paper

    Help with Acid Rain Research Paper

  • What is acid rain? In the language of chemistry, the rain water with pH scale of less than 7 is considered acidic. However, the earth can take up to 5.6 without having any damage. The chemical components in air like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulpher dioxide (SO2), Nitrate oxide (NO) can combine with water and form carbonic, sulphuric and nitric acids respectively. The combustion of fossil fuels, the gases emitted by vehicles and industrial set up, forest fires- natural or human caused, can all lead to acid rain.
  • What does it affect? The historical entities, the natural ecosystem- the plants and animals on land and in water- are affected by acid rain. There are instances of thousands of lakes that have been ‘dead’ with every living creature in those lakes dead. The outer layer of the historical buildings and other physical entities with antique value can erode.
  • How it impacts our future? The biggest trouble caused must be the continuous reduction in the fertility of the soil. On the one hand desertification and on the other hand death of the water bodies like lakes, ponds and streams can definitely make difficult our survival. This also severely hampers those depending upon fishing and farming for their sustenance.
  • What can be done? We have a huge hand in causing such a deadly damage to the environment. Air pollution is the direct cause of the acid rain and we are the direct cause of air pollution. This is high time we start being careful about our haphazard use of fuels. We can also take initiatives to protect the natural entities like lakes, forest, etc. The government can also come up with strict rules and regulations for the vehicles and industries having potentiality to cause acid rain.
  • Research and writing process– the research and writing process are as much important as the content. The best way to learn more about your topic is to go through the literature already available in the topic. This will give you an idea on how to do research, the area you will feel comfortable with, etc. Also going through research papers on similar topic by other will give you an idea on the writing process.

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