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Using a Controversial Topic for Your Research Paper

What Makes a Research Project Topic Controversial?

When trying to choose controversial topics for your research paper, you must first understand what subject matter would constitute a controversial theme in the first place. The goal of controversial dissertation topics is to separate your audience by their opinions. The research topics should place a large percentage of your audience on either side of the argument and create controversy within the group.  Keep reading for more information on controversial research topics.


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Why Use a Controversial Topic for Your Research Project?

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You should select controversial topics for your research paper when you are trying to engage your audience.  Establishing some level of controversy within the room will lead to heated discussions about the dissertation topics presented in class.

The intense debate that would soon ensue would likely lead to a better grade. Your professor will remember the controversy and place your paper at the top of his list. Research topics that can generate this kind of interest will always get more overall attention and, as a result, receive more credit.

Another reason to choose a controversial topic for your research paper is the ease of writing. Controversial topics offer a plethora of research data and are generally easier to write about because you may already have a solid opinion of your own.


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How to Write a Research Paper with a Controversial Topic

Controversy Flow (click image to enlarge)
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In order to write a research paper that has a controversial topic, you should follow these steps:

  • First, you need to establish a topic that would have two or more defined opinions. Select a topic that accentuates the controversial issues found in the subject matter.
  • Choose a topic that you have a strong opinion about.
  • You will need to perform a thorough research on the topic.
  • Prepare a research paper outline.
  • Emphasize the controversies of the topic.
  • Close with a definitive argument that you can substantiate with your research.

When you present your paper, be prepared to back up your opinion. Good research paper topics are ones that you are familiar with.


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How to Find a Juicy Controversial Research Topic

When trying to find a juicy controversial research topic, look no further than the world news station or read the headlines in the local newspaper. Good research paper topics seem to stir heated debate in the news or on TV. Controversial issues are frequently discussed on talk shows.

Juicy controversial topics include those that bring to light strong social opinions, both for and against the topic. Juicy controversial issues are those that people can relate to. Here are a few examples:

  • Should religion and prayer be allowed in the public school system?
  • Should Facebook be allowed to censor our comments? What happened to freedom of speech?
  • Should our government intervene when other countries suffer from dictatorial rule and civil unrest?
  • Should our military be allowed to torture terrorists to obtain information that may help keep our nation safe?


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Will Using a Controversial Research Project Topic Give You a Good Mark?

Students often inquire as to whether or not a controversial research project topic will lead to a good academic grade. A paper written on controversial issues in and of itself will not ensure a good grade. However, if essays are composed using good research paper topics and the student thoroughly explains the associated controversies, their grade will in fact be higher than a paper submitted on non controversial topics.


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What Problems Might You Have If You use a Controversial Topic for Your Research Paper?

Writing a paper on controversial issues may come with its share of problems. You may find that the controversies that arise from your paper may offend some of your readers.

A controversial topic that is too racy may offend some people in the classroom or just rub some classmates the wrong way. Topics should be controversial without going over the top.

Good research paper topics are those that spark the interest of the audience, instill some level of controversy, and yet do not overly offend the readers. Keep in mind your research paper outline, you must stay relevant to the topic.


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