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How to Write an Art History Research Paper

All arts students study history of arts as this makes it possible better understand art concepts, analyze masterpieces and art trends. History of arts is rich in events and bright personalities, so there is no lack of materials and topics here. That is why art students are often asked to write art history essays. As a rule, professors give student complete liberty in choosing topics. However, sometimes students have to analyze a certain period of art history that gave birth to a new art trend or even epoch.

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Art history research paper sample

If you have got little or no experience in essay writing and you have been assigned with an essay on history of arts, you should definitely look for art history research paper sample. This is an example paper that will guide you through the process of writing. By having a look at a sample paper of art history you will get an idea of how to make essay outline, write introduction, body and conclusion, choose a topic for your essay etc. It is also very important to write art history essay that will comply with norms and requirements to high school or college essays. A research paper is a very serious type of academic writing, so no mistakes (even minor) are allowed in case you want to get A+ for it. Art history research paper sample can be only used as an example. Never copy and paste text you find online. If you experience problems with your research, ask professionals to help you.

An art history research paper can be written in two forms either critical analysis essay or narrative essay type. The two types of essays can be tactfully used to either make a thorough analysis of the whole thing or else can be simple narrated as a description essay depicting all issues. Though for an effective write a writer must choose over the first one as an analysis drags more eyes in comparison to the other. Expert writers at ProfEssays.com scroll the best possible solutions and understanding the readership develop the most appropriate custom essays.

Just like any other research paper type, the process of writing begins with an introduction followed by body/analysis/argument and conclusion. Introduction is a brief outlook of the subject with a mention of the methods adopted and reasons to undertake them. Body is the detailed segment where a writer must explain on the subject lavishly. Later comes a concluding element, a writer should always give his/her view. Here options to end in an argument, appealing or requesting to ponder further are always open depending on the writer’s will.

Points to remember while writing art history research paper

1. Organize: a research paper as mentioned above should always be organized in a standard form of five paragraph essay including introduction, body and conclusion.

2. Cite references: always while writing an art history paper one requires borrowing information from varied sources. Following the standard art bulletin format these can be easily sorted out either in form of intra textual references, footnote, or endnotes. Though most prefer to use footnotes or endnotes as intra textual references are distracting as placed immediately after a reference use.

3. Illustrations: an art paper on which the entire write is based should be placed within the write; a photocopy of the image is enough to complete the paper. Assign a figure number to the art piece with the author’s name and original publication.

4. Bibliography: this element is the last to come, mentioning of all the works referred or consulted to prepare, these will also include on references that may have been missed on earlier.

Art History Paper Format
An art history research paper in itself is very challenging and demanding but an experienced writer is the one who includes all expectations of the client with professional touch and writing guidelines plus all relevant information on the subject.

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History of art

It is impossible to understand modern art trends without knowing history of arts. Fashion industry shows us that old trends tend to come back. So, do art trends. By studying history of arts, you can better understand meaning and concepts of various masterpieces created by icons in the arts world. History of arts can explain how art was connected to historic events, social trends, inventions of mankind.  As a rule, students love history of art, as it is never boring.  Besides, having completed the course of history of arts, you will learn so much interesting information and see so many paintings, sculptures, graphic, music etc.  Very often students are asked to write essays on history of art.  As a rule, a certain period of arts history is chosen.  One of the possible topics may be “The Renaissance arts” or “Baroque arts.” Every epoch of arts history is thoroughly studied, so you’ll never lack materials to write art history essay.

Art history research paper writing

Every art student has to write a research paper on arts history.  A research paper differs from an essay.  It should contain a deeper analysis and show student’s of knowledge on selected topic.  Art history research paper writing is a very complex process.  You should start with gathering materials for your research paper.  After that it is advisable to make a research paper outline.  At that you have to check requirements to your research paper, preferable reference style, requirements as to form and contents.  These are very important factors to consider before starting research paper writing.  Choice of a topic is another important factor to be considered.  Choose something interesting and something you have competence in.  Experience shows that an interesting topic can create a positive image of a student who has chosen such a topic.

Art history resources

Of course, it is impossible to write a research paper on art history without having reliable and informative art history resources.  Just checking out Wikipedia is not enough, at least for a serious research paper.  That’s why you should spend a certain amount of time looking for necessary materials.  Even if most of your essay or research paper will contain your thoughts, you have to support them with researches performed by prominent scholars.  Look for online sources of information, as well as printed books, magazines and scientific publications.  You need to pay attention to reliability of art history resources.  Do not trust websites having a free hosting.  Use only trusted sources of information.

Choosing topic for art history research paper

This is perhaps the most important stage in research paper writing.  Choosing topic for art history research paper can be a daunting task.  Indeed, some students get lost when they are given freedom in choosing a topic.  As a result they choose something completely uninteresting for a reader.  Your art history research paper topic must be intriguing and interesting both for you and your professor.  If you have got no interest in the topic you have chosen you have very few chances of writing a persuasive essay.  If you have any questions or concerns in regard to art history research paper topic, feel free to contact Professays.com.  Our writers will be happy to help you and are sure to come up with a dozen of creative topic ideas.

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