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Writing Effective APA Research Paper Outlines

APA Research Paper Outlines

The format and style of APA is especially appropriate for scientific discussions because it is very readable due to the ability to omit the author’s name in a citation if the name is already included in the text proper. Other rules pertaining to the structure of sentences and the restrictions on the use of the first person make an APA research paper both easy to read and scientifically objective. In keeping with the brevity and economy of APA style, an APA research paper outline is also simpler than other formats. You will find perfect samples of APA research paper outlines at the article archives of ProfEssays.com.

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The following are the major parts of the APA research paper:

  1. The title page – This page contains the title of the paper centered in the middle of the upper half of the page. The title is followed on the next line by the author’s name and then by the name of the institution where the paper was developed.
  2. The abstract – This portions of the outline contains brief sentences describing the objectives of the paper and the methods used.
  3. The body – This portion of the outline contains a section for each of the major steps or arguments of the paper. The main idea of each major step or argument is stated simply and briefly. This is followed by a simple listing of the subordinate steps or arguments that make up the preceding main step or argument.
  4. The references – this section of the APA research paper outline contains the references that were resorted to for supportive text.

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