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Acne Vulgaris Research Paper

Acne vulgaris research paper is the writing that mainly focuses on the causes and treatment of acne vulgaris. People say that it is a common problem of young generation, but it does not make it less important. That is why it has become a common topic for academic writing. The one, who is going to enlighten the problem of acne, should discuss the reasons for the appearance of acnes. Thus, it may happen because of hormone changes in human organism. There is a myth that acnes can occur only in face in this case. It is not so. Such zones as back, shoulders, upper portion of the chest may be affected. Another myth is that only the youth has this problem. It is not so. According to statistics, about 85 percent of people have acnes. So, the writer may enlarge upon one of the myths and tell the truth to his audience.

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An Acne Vulgaris Research Paper Sample (Click the Image to Enlarge)

Acne Vulgaris Research Paper Sample

Where To Start

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disorder. The disease is characterized by inflammatory and non-inflammatory comedones, papules, pustules, and nodules appearing in the skin. The mysteries surrounding the disorder have not been solved. Acne vulgaris is a complex topic to write about. You need to deal with something that even science and medicine has not understood entirety. But do not worry, ProfEssays.com has professional writers who have good knowledge of this condition and can write you an excellent acne vulgaris research paper.

The study into acne vulgaris is still in progress and many assumptions have been forwarded about the disease and many different kinds of the treatment available. This condition impacts the person both physically and psychologically. The physical symptoms are different rashes that don’t pass for a long time. Acne also poses severe impact upon the lives of its victims. They feel insecure and sometimes even depressed. They tend to avoid social interaction and even suicidal cases have been attributed to the disease.

How Can We Help?

ProfEssays.com has a team of certified academic writers. We hire only the qualified and able professionals with degrees who will provide your research paper with original content only. Rest assured, your paper will contain no plagiarism, unlike the majority of essays on the Internet. Every writer’s background and skills are subjected to a thorough check. Your paper’s quality is never compromised when you order an essay from ProfEssays.com.

ProfEssays.com has been helping students in their writing assignment for a long tome. To help you with this topic we have compiled some tips for your acne vulgaris research paper:

  • Understand the condition. It can be very easily recognized, when it occurs on faces and arms. But as it  said there have not been valid results of the study for you to be specific about the nature, longevity, causes, and treatments. Also the main victims are the adolescent males. Over 90% of the teenagers suffer from the disease at some point of their life.
  • Know the causes. Although there are no specific and well researched bases about the causes of this skin disease, there are many theories that attribute it to the hereditary causes, the hormonal changes during teenage years, menstrual cycle for female, mental stress, bacteria and some skin allergies. Besides it has also been associated with high use of fat and the carbohydrate rich diets. Lack of Vitamin E and A also can cause the condition.
  • Delve into care and treatment. Use of pills, use of antibiotics, laser surgery, and phototherapy are some of the ways to treat acne. Besides there are proper nutrition, diet and exercises to take care of acne. The alternative medicines like Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga and meditation, acupuncture, etc. have been found effective in dealing with acne.
  • Analyze the impacts. Acne brings with it many physical and psychological effects on the patient. The acne and the scarred skin both will limit the social mobility and interaction of the victim. People affected by it tend to feel very insecure and totally dejected. There have also been cases of suicide due to acne.
  • Good literature reviews. There have been many researches and the studies of the acne vulgaris. You can learn a lot by reviewing the results of these researches. This will ensure that your paper gets valid and meaningful content.

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Keeping in mind these tips will certainly help you write your acne vulgaris research paper well. When you consider these points, you should decide the topic that you would like to throw light on in your paper. Then the first step in writing an essay would be your introduction. Here you also declare your thesis statement, which is a one line sentence. Then you will support your thesis statement with strong arguments, valid opinions and evidences in the body. Close the essay with the summary in the conclusion.

You can buy custom essays from ProfEssays.com on absolutely any topic like essay on smoking, sports essay, war essay, acne vulgaris essay paper or any other. ProfEssays.com always adheres to the specifications and requirements of customers. We also have free unlimited revision policy. So, you can ask for any changes you desire. We deliver all the papers on time. We give customer support to our customers round the clock. We ensure that all the transactions with us remain absolutely secured with the best technology in place. And in spite of the consistent quality and the unique features, we charge our customers very reasonably.

An Acne Vulgaris Essay

An acne vulgaris essay must be structured according to your instructor’s demands. In any case, these recommendations will help you complete a good essay: start writing as soon as possible, choose a specific and relevant topic, outline the things you want to talk about in your essay, work out a good opening paragraph, review the things written in your essay, rewrite an essay if it is necessary, and check if the essay gives a wanted impression.

An Acne Vulgaris Report

An acne vulgaris report will be easily written if the writer starts with a short summary of the major ideas. The opening paragraph is obligatory to have the information about the things you are going to enlighten your reader with. Stick to the use of proper language and avoid jargon. The flow of your thoughts must be understandable to the readers. Do not forget about the abstract for your paper.

An Acne Vulgaris Thesis Statement

An excellent acne vulgaris thesis statement declares the author’s thoughts concerning the topic. It should be placed in the end of the opening paragraph. It explains the readers what you are going to tell in the main body of the wHelp with Acne Vulgaris Research Papers riting. A thesis must inspire the readers to ask “why” and “how” questions concerning the problem. No general ideas are available for the thesis statement. This part of paper should define the content of the paper.

An Accutane Research Paper

An Accutane research paper should be focused on the treatment of acnes. It is known that accutane is a kind of drug that is used to treat acne. They say that it is enough to use it during the five months period to get rid of the problem. But the side effect of this drug could increase the level of fats in blood of a patient. The writer may touch upon the question “is it worth to have such a treatment?”

An Alopecia Research Paper

An alopecia research paper should demonstrate the writer’s investigation into the alopecia and the ways to deal with it. It is also known as the hair loss. To make the paper more interesting and useful investigate the causes and symptoms of this problem. Among the major causes may be aging, certain diseases, malnutrition, medicine side effects, genetic predisposition, and autoimmune imbalance. The symptoms are thinning or complete loss of hair.

A Psoriasis Research Paper

A psoriasis research paper also concerns the problems connected with skin. This term means chronic skin disorder. The writer may draw the readers’ attention to the prevention of this illness. Thus, to prevent psoriasis, it is necessary to avoid such things as smoking, sun exposure, nervous stress. All these may cause this illness. Besides, one of the risk factors for psoriasis is alcohol, especially for men of middle age. Do not forget to mention that it is easier to prevent an illness than treat it later.

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