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Lesson 10: Conclusion

In this brief but information-filled class, we were able to touch upon all the vital points of copyediting and proofreading—and then some. Along with our discussions on the basics of proofreading like the marks used and the various definitions, we were also able to tackle most of the techniques needed to be able to efficiently and effectively evaluate and correct written work. We were able to point out the different factors that go into determining what makes an excellent proofreader and an excellent copyeditor: this was done by clarifying and fleshing out the job descriptions for each of these posts.

Furthermore, we were also able to add to our personal and professional growth as proofreaders, copyeditors and writers by looking at the different measures we can take to properly evaluate our own work, thus allowing us to improve at both endeavors. We were able to demarcate the differences between evaluating work for others and evaluating our own work—we discussed how the former can be much easier but the latter can be doubly rewarding, despite all the trouble that we need to go through to be objective about our own work.

In addition to this, we were able to take a look at the different challenges that come with the territory of proofreading and copyediting—stress, deadlines—as well as the different advantages such as being at liberty to choose your own projects and having the option to work freelance. This discussion was able to provide us with a well-rounded, holistic perspective of the career track and different options that come with copyediting and proofreading.

Overall, this class achieved its main objective: to provide an venue for those interested in proofreading and copyediting to learn the basics and to gain enough information about technique to be able to incorporate this into their daily work. We were able to effectively equip ourselves for our future proofreading and copyediting endeavors!



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