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Exercise for Lesson 4: A Copyeditor’s Job

Instructions: In the previous lesson, we were able to discuss the different aspects of a copyeditor’s job. We said that a copyeditor is mostly concerned with the overall content and format of the publication. Below are different paragraphs. Using the skills you learned in the previous lesson, decide which paragraphs you should keep and which ones you shouldn’t, based on the premise given and the content of the work. After this, list down the order in which the paragraphs should appear.

Why You Should Go Sulfate-Free

All-in-all, using products that are Sulfate-free helps you maintain the health of the environment as well as your overall hygiene and cleanliness. This leads to an eco lifestyle that is clean and green!

Sulfates are the main ingredient in shampoo, soap and household cleaning products which causes the liquid to foam or to lather. They allow the formula of the products to become easier to spread out and allow you to use less product for a larger surface area. However, the popularity of the Sulfate-free shampoo owes largely to a kind of false publication—early in 2008, a study claimed that Sulfate in shampoos causes cancer.

This can definitely take getting used to. I tried Sulfate-free shampoos by accident: I was staying over at my sister’s house by the beach for a couple of days and that was the only kind of shampoo that she had. I tried it, it didn’t later up and the only thing I could think was “her shampoo’s broken”. Despite the initial weirdness, I ended up liking the way that my hair felt that day: it was soft and it smelled nice and I didn’t have the usual problem that usually occurs as a result of swimming on a hot day—dandruff. Since I’ve made the switch, dandruff has become a thing of the past

While this was proven untrue, it gave rise to different studies which have found that Sulfates can make hair drier and can cause dandruff. This is why color-treated hair usually requires non-Sulfate therapy to maintain the style and sheen. The main drawback to Sulfate shampoos is the price tag: they are significantly more expensive than your “normal” shampoos. Plus, non-Sulfate shampoos don’t later up—something that is often associated with cleaning hair.

Another really great consolation for me was that Sulfate-free products are good for the environment. These days, climate change is a real game changer and so much damage has already been inflicted on the environment by people. Sulfate-free shampoos help prevent the contamination of rivers and other bodies of water because of their somewhat lower chemical concentration content. Just for this, I feel like going Sulfate-free is worth the hefty price tag that most shampoos like this carry.

As of late, the only drugstore brands to carry Sulfate-free shampoos is L’Oreal Paris. However, I feel like other major brands are going to end up adapting this as well. These days, I’ve noticed that more and more people have been getting into “organic” products and have really been taking the initiative to make the world a better place (while looking and feeling fabulous in the process).




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