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Exercise for Lesson 2: Proofreader’s Marks

Instructions: Below are a couple of paragraphs for you to read. Print out the page, look through the text carefully and mark the errors as you go along, using the Proofreader’s marks which we learned in our lesson. These will help you become an efficient proofreader so make sure that you are able to utilize them wisely!

Dentistry is one of the most comonly overlooked professions throughout the medical community. it is often pushed aside and dismissed as a profesion that is secondary to other medical fields such as radiology, neurology and cardiology. This owes mostly to the fact that dentistry is something wich can be entered into right-of-thebat: you don’t need a medical degree or an undergraduate degree in biology to become a defntist.

However, the truth is that dentistry is just a simportant and as challenging as the other medical fields. Dentists are also required to go through different degrees of study—although perhaps their path toward their professions may be a lot more direct, this doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective or valid. In this respect, dentsuts and veterenarians are quite similar.

Furthermore, dentistry deels with teeth—a very important part of the human body which allows us to nourish ourselves by successfully breaking down food. Furthermore, teeth—perhaps more than any other part of our faces—affect how we see each ourselves: teeth show up in our smiles, when we talk, in how we relate to people. On a more serious note, tee th are made up of bone and help support our jaws and our facial structusre. Diseas es of the mouth (e.g.a ro ttingtooth or severe gum infections) can also cause heart disease and may eventually to cardiac arredst.

Furthermore, most dentists are also orthodontists—an orthodontist is certified and in-charge of oral operations (which are often lengthy and just as—if not more—tedious thanothermedical operations) suc   h as root canals, the removal of wisdom teeth a nd bone grafts.

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