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Essay Paper on Organization

First of all, I’d like to say that it’s a very interesting task and it gives an opportunity to give some freedom to imagination and to picture yourself on the position of certain image of managing change which is certainly useful for all of us in many ways.
Thinking about the organization which goes through the process of change and which I’d really like to pick, it occurred to me that it would be a great idea to go to past and imagine myself working in “Chrysler” company, say, in 1970s. I’m gonna explain my choice.

I always admired the personality of Lee Iacocca, who was one of the directors of the “Ford” corporation before he started working in the “Chrysler” company. With the decisions he made through the history of these two largest companies of the USA, he proved that he was a real leader and an inspiring manager with great understanding of needs of customers and employees. While being on the position of the CEO of Chrysler corporation, he actually saved it from bankruptcy by proving that such giant as Chrysler is extremely important for American automobile production.

Thus, I’d like to imagine myself in the past, working exactly in Chrysler company in the end of 1970’s, in the period of great changes within the company which were marked by tenure of Lee Iacocca on the position of the CEO of the company and those changes which he implemented.

Let’s observe the situation which was given as the task: “Now you are in attendance at a senior management meeting and you are being asked to explain why the organization that you identified is going through the change you identified.”

The change managing image I’m adopted is described as “Interpreter”. So the following will be my response to the task above. In case of “Interpreter’s” change managing image, the changes emerge from external and internal forces, and the key demand on managers is from the staff to help provide them with meaning and understanding of the current situation.

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