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Internet News

If a person wants the most in depth news coverage locally or globally there is only one place they need to go, the Internet. The news coverage on the Internet gives a reader the best overall news coverage over any other source. The headlines are always updated and there are many different sites to choose from. The Internet lets the reader go as deep into a news story as they want to go. Whether they need a local hometown story or a national news-breaking headline, they are only just a click away. News on T.V. only keeps a viewer up to date as the story progresses. And they have to watch the news on T.V. in the order that the media covers the story. Often a viewer doesn’t get the whole story or what happened behind the scenes.

Sometimes I find that the way the media on T.V. covers a story leans to one side or the other and makes it unfair for the viewer to understand what is really going on within the story. However if a reader gets the news from the Internet they can research the story as far in depth as they want. They can gather the facts from the beginning and get the whole story, which eventually will give the reader a better and more accurate opinion of it all. For example this weekend was the loss of the shuttle Columbia. I had on CNN live and was watching the live coverage. As the story came in it was broadcasted in sketchy segments, they were interviewing ex astronauts, or ex scientists from NASA, or anybody they could find that new something about space travel, just to keep something on over and over until they really knew what was going on. And then came the far-fetched accusations about could it be terrorists, and that it was NASA’s 113 mission, as if the number 113 was unlucky, or that there was an Israeli astronaut on board. It was as if they were trying to get my imagination going so that I would keep their channel on.

Personally I don’t have the time to be played with, I want my news quick and factual. The way the story was covered on the Internet was totally different. When I clicked on the headline it gave me the whole story, as it came in, no more no less. As the story progressed I was able to click on other links, such as the crew profiles, the families statements, the actual mission, the shuttle debris, a slide show, a message board to chat with others about what was going on and their opinion, the list goes on and on. By the time I finished reading all of the facts and in detailed research I could have broadcasted the story from my house. That is why I choose the Internet for my news over T.V. It is quick and factual and it lets me decide how much of the coverage I want to read weather it be just the basics or in detailed facts on the whole story…

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