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Essay Parer on A Story of the Setback

I have a strong belief that we all come to this world to learn some lessons in order to draw up certain conclusions and not repeat the same mistakes again. In our everyday life we happen to face a lot of problems and difficulties which we have to overcome to prove ourselves that we are worth to be called conscious human beings. Naturally, we make mistakes, and at this point I think it’s rather useful to cite the final phrase of one of the heroes of the famous Hollywood movie “Some like it hot”: “Well, nobody’s perfect”. And we have a right to be wrong since the perfection to my mind is an eternal process.

What I’ve already learnt for my rather short life, is that we have to perceive the things that happen to us, easily and philosophically, otherwise we’ll spend the rest of our lives in doubts and reflections on past mistakes, regretting what we did wrong. The setback that happened to me once, had led me to such conclusions, and I’m about to tell it.

I’ve always been a very creative person, striving to knowledge and everything new. Education was a purpose of my life, and teachers adored me for this especial passion for knowledge and held me as an example for other students. I learnt new disciplines easily and didn’t even have to make a lot of efforts to memorize the dates, new words in foreign languages, math formulas etc. In general everything went perfectly well.

As my knowledge of English was on a high level, I took a decision to confirm this fact by taking an exam in special institution so that I would have a certificate that could state that my knowledge of language are up to the mark. I was so confident in my knowledge and abilities that I didn’t bother myself with revision of rules and learnt material. I just couldn’t imagine that something could go wrong at the exam.

When the day X came, I went to pass the exam with the feeling of superiority. The tasks and assignments seemed to be easy, so I thought that I coped with everything on the highest level and went home with certainty that my mission was accomplished.

I got the results of the exam in a couple of weeks and I remained thunderstruck after I had read the letter from the institution which checked the works. As it turned out, I failed the exam, the number of points I got was not enough to consider me as a successful student. To say that I was shocked means to say nothing. I started blaming myself for not preparing for the exam, for being too passive, and uninterested, and too self-confident. To crown it all, I became a depressive and unhappy little creature, constantly feeling pity for myself. This led to continuous failures at school since I wasn’t able to perform as well as I did before. I didn’t feel well, started to get ill, couldn’t stand studying and stopped talking to my friends. Of course now I make jokes out of that depressive condition I was in, but back in that days it was a serious problem for me…

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