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Essay Papers on Human Biology

Mystery of a man appearance on Earth has always been a very discussible question not only among scientists but also among ordinary people.  Who could create such a complex, multifaceted and mysterious creature? Where did the people come from?

Millions of such thoughts, hundreds of theories, stories and assumptions are born in our minds every day. After all, we have repeatedly asked ourselves: “What we come to this world for? “ How do we adapt to its unpredictable conditions?”…
Meanwhile the world around us is constantly changing. In the place where once cold reigned, now there is perpetual summer and where the endless sea poured, now the whole country lives and prospers…

We have become accustomed to the whims of nature: we used to wear warm clothes in winter and a summer rush makes us hide in the thick shade of trees; we used to eat certain food and choose what we like. But at the same time, our body can maintain its internal temperature at a constant level, almost the same level of sugar in blood and also salinity, acidity, nutrients and waste.

It is difficult to imagine how complex is human biology. Our body is like a huge country with a large population represented by organs and cells. A ruling person of this country is a difficult homeopathic mechanism, which provides the continuity of its internal environment.

The term “homeostasis”, which was introduced by a famous physiologist Cannon in 1932, appeared much later than the very idea of the existence of the body’s ability to resist the demands of the environment. Internal environment consists of the following fluids: blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph and intercellular substance. Their ability to sustain human life is constantly under the influence of various parameters – temperature, chemical composition of blood, skin moisture, cardiac rhythms, acid-base balance, osmotic pressure, glucose and other parameters.

Our body consists of several functional systems – lymphatic, muscle and skeletal, integumentary, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems. Their correctly adjusted operating mechanism and clear interaction provides human health, normal state and a sense of security to the environment.

Each of us probably felt a state of illness, getting used to new conditions, when the body had to fight and defend, to protect its functional balance. Even minor chemical and physical changes that occur in the cerebrospinal fluid or intercellular spaces, can cause severe disturbance of the flow of vital processes in the central nervous system.

Then the human immune system, which protects the organism during a meeting with a foreign agent, enters the battle.
To understand the complex mechanism which supports the stability of the man interior space, it is important to consider each system and their actions separately to preserve the homeostasis of the organism.

Probably the most difficult for learning and understanding is our nervous system. It consists of the brain and spinal pulp. And the location of nerves, nerve plexuses and roots, which form the peripheral nerve system, remind us the roots of a large tree. This nervous system is responsible for regulating the activity and functional unity of systems and organs, as well as implementing the relationship of the organism with the environment.

To ensure normal functioning of the cells in the body our blood carries substrates and displays the products of their vital functions in the intercellular fluid. A continuous circulation of blood in the body provides the cardiovascular system.

Equally important to homeostasis is the endocrine system of a person which is responsible for the regulation growth, the development and sex differences. With the help of hormones, available in the blood, endocrine system regulates the activity of human internal organs. There are glandular and diffuse endocrine systems. Together they form a very important system which supplies the necessary human hormones and glands…

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