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Essay Paper on Journal Project

This journal project is intended to help me to consider all my work during week one of journal keeping and to analyze my weak and strong points as well as feelings, desires and fears concerning the work of the team accountable to me as well as my abilities of a leader.
It is proven that journal writing is a very important implement for learning and communicating because in consequence of journal writing managers are able to draw conclusions concerning their leadership abilities and to analyze their failings. It is known as well that it journal writing is a really useful problem-solving tool and I consequently find it a very helpful and essential practice when the problems within our PVT laboratory team accountable to me.
The problem generally, lies in the following. Our company, and our PVT laboratory in particular employs experienced staff who expertise in all aspects of PVT laboratory services, including PVT laboratory construction, day-to-day PVT and compositional analyses and evaluation and interpretation of the analytical results. But unfortunately, the employees who are engineers are much more interested in technical results of their work than in the business our company does. And this perception of their functions causes the fact that they do not manage to complete the work ordered by one of the clients on time, doing additional studies which are not paid for but interest the engineers a lot. We are three weeks behind the schedule and my goal is to organize their more productive work with the help of effective leadership schemes. And this journal is now created in order for me to analyze my own steps, their advantages and disadvantages as well as to help me find the appropriate solution to our problem.
Therefore, my journal consists of five entries themed as follows:

  1. Part One: Estimating the problem and considering the possible ways out.
  2. Part Two:  Understanding the needs of the company, my own needs and the needs of the members of my team in the context of the existing problem.
  3. Part Three: Considering the possible solutions and policies in order to implement the tasks imposed on our team.
  4. Part Four:  Meeting with our CEO and contemplating my leadership style.
  5. Part Five: Making conclusions about the types of communication with the team members and the ways of possible motivation in regard to employees’ perception of their inputs and outputs.

Part One: Estimating the problem.
The main problem lies in the fact that we are three weeks behind our schedule: we have not completed the order yet and have almost nothing to report to our clients concerning the studies. Beside that, we lack personnel to finally complete the studies – two of the ten members of our team are on the sick list. What is more, one of our PVT-cells is out of order, and it will be repaired only the next week. The feasible solution was to make some of the engineers to work overtime till the end of the week in order to cope with the order as soon as possible, but, as far as they were on the fixed salary that was impossible to do.

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