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Essay Paper on Faerie Queene

…The first person RCK and Una meet is Caelia. Caelia is the mother of the three other women that live there and is the Lady of The House Of Holiness. Caelia in my opinion represents purity because her name means heavenly and that is probably why she is the Lady of The House Of Holiness. One of the daughters of Caelia is Fidelia and she represents faith. The second daughter of Caelia is Speranza representing Hope. The last of the daughters is Charissa representing charity.
All three of these women have very important significance in The House of Holiness because if you want to be a pure Christian you need faith, hope, and charity. An important object that Fidelia uses in this story is a gold cup with a serpent designed on it. This cup was filled with water and wine which symbolizes communion and the serpent being a symbolization of the crucified Christ. This object shows that Fidelia definetly is the reprensentation of faith. Another important object that depicts the symboization of the women is a silver anchor around Speranza’s arm.

A silver anchor is an iconographic symbol of hope. This is another example of what symbolization these women represent. Finally the symbol that proves Charissa’s symbolization is not an object like the other women had, but her pregnancy. Her pregnancy is a symbol of charity because in a way you give charity when you take care of someone other than yourself. Charity back then was often depicted pictorially as a mother with many children. The other Caelia has even more significance than any of her daughters because she has the Sacred Book (Bible) written with the blood of Christ.

She is the only one that can read this book and if anyone wanted to hear what was written in the book they would have to ask Caelia to read it to them. That skill of being the only able of reading the book was nothing compared to her other skill. Her other skill she could only use when she would optains her full spiritual power. Whenever she would attain her full spiritual power she could amazing things that no one else could do. She can make the sun stand still, make the sun roll backwards, make a large group of armed men leave, stop floods and even move mountains…

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