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Essay Paper on Coil Pottery

Coiling is basically forming clay into strips of coils and later laying these coils on top of one another, while using a base piece as a substratum. There are several steps involve in coiling, however if followed appropriately, an individual would not have a difficult time spawning a ideal pot. The leading step is selecting the proper clay for the project. Later a template is created in order to have a guide to follow while making the pot. The required tools are obtained before the clay are composed into coils. After the pot is created, it is fired up and glazed in order to make it glasslike and hard.Clay is the most universal material in the world. About 75 percent of the earth’s surface is clay or will be clay. There are three main types of clay: earthenware, stoneware and Porcelain clay. Earthenware clay is widely used in the world since it is found in soil in all parts of the world, however its uses are limited. It is mainly applied for creating flower pots or bricks.

The modeling tool is implemented to blend in the coils of clay together while constructing the pot. The construction paper, pen/pencil and the pair of scissors are essential during the process of composing a blueprint for the project. Lastly, the flat surface which would support the pot, is the environment desired in order to produce the perfect pot. The next process for creating a coil pot, is generating the design to follow while composing it. This step is highly recommended for first time potters, because it is human nature to have an image in mind yet the image was lost because of a daydream or another thought came along. An individual could base his/her layout from early pottery, such as Greek pottery.

Once the person derives a design for the project, the plan in mind is transferred into a piece of construction paper. The paper is folded in half in order to have a symmetrical pot, then half of the desired pot is drawn on a side of the paper. Cut out the paper to create a template, afterwards fold out the paper to determine if the template is the idea imagined. Also keep in mind that the top of the pot should not be more than twice the size of the bottom of the pot, because this can cause the pot to easily tip over. Do not create a design that is not proportional, because balance throughout the piece is a necessity. The next step is to produce the coils for the pottery. Use clay that is already mixed, however an alternative is using recycled clay. If recycled clay is being used, it has to be turned into usable clay by first adding ball clay, which is a pure clay, to dry it out in order for it to be workable.

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