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Customer Service

The aim of this paper is to define the profession of a phlebotomist, and the relation of phlebotomy to customer service.
First of all, Collins dictionary defines phlebotomy as “a surgical incision into a vein”, giving as synonym the word “bloodletting” which literally characterizes this surgical act. The word phlebotomist stands for the person, whose occupation is a collection of blood into special vessels, predestinated for this procedure.
We have to get our blood drawn in order to make medical examinations of our health condition. There are also another purposes for collection of blood, for example, it’s often collected from special person, willing to donate his blood (who is called blood donor) to save someone’s life (who is called blood recipient). Sometimes a blood can be collected to conduct medical experiments on it.

But in our case, the blood is taken with the purpose of person’s treatment from certain disease. In ancient times bloodletting was a rather popular treatment for the major part of illnesses, but modern science has proved that it’s effective only in some cases. Today phlebotomy was recognized useful for treatment of hemochromatosis and polycythemia. Moreover, the scientists start calling phlebotomy the act of taking even small portions of blood for analysis.

Blood collection has always been performed by nurses, but a new practice when a specialist – a phlebotomist – fulfils this procedure, becomes more popular. Phlebotomist is charged with collecting necessary quantity of blood and observing all rules and requirements of safety and sterility to guarantee the best result of further analysis.But there’s more involved in this procedure than purely medical objectives.

Since the phlebotomist gets to work with people, in other words customers, he should also be familiar with the notion of customer service. This means that he should possess special skills in the sphere of customer service, which in fact, come in handy in every profession that deals with service provision. Talking about health care field, it’s important to mention that the customer is not the only person to be provided with services from phlebotomist and other medical employees. The whole process of service includes customer’s family, relatives and close friends who care about the patient and need to be served as well.

There is another party that needs the same amount of attention and service from the phlebotomist, and these are his colleagues, medical staff which is involved in treatment of the same customer; his physician, etc. It’s crucial that the phlebotomist were able to deliver the service of high quality both to customer and his relatives, and medical employees.

Apart from technical skills and knowledge of anatomy which is simply indispensable for the person working on the position of phlebotomist, he/she should also posses strong command of psychology and sociology. The representatives of this profession deal with people and their problems every day, so they have to be prepared to grant aid when needed, and to make fast decisions. Such things as politeness, kindness, willingness to help, ability to deal with stressful situations, are really significant.

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