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Essay Paper on Bush Editorial

I think George W. Bush is a good person, even though most people think of him as a lousy president who just wants to go to war. I don’t think he is as arrogant as people say – he’s just being a leader, and leaders have to stay leaders even when things get shakey. It’s unfortunate for Bush that he has to be president in this kind of situation.

A lot of issues that he has to face are left over from past presidencies, and current concerns such as the war on Iraq would have come up sooner or later, if they hadn’t during his term. I say he’s facing a lot of heat from just about everyone, but I support him if he wants to go to war, not that my opinion can really change much. I believe war is hell, but at times, it is necessary. This would be one of those times.

Although it would be nice to see diplomacy succeed, I just don’t think it will. It is important for people to understand that Bush has given Hussein twelve years to disarm, but he hasn’t yet. Bush thinks – and I think – that Saddam is just trying to buy time. Another big misconception is that Bush is just fighting for the oil and petroleum resources in Iraq, but in truth, we don’t get much oil from the Middle East.
Some people want war in North Korea and not in Iraq.

Will everyone just make up their minds? I think North Korea needs to be taken care of, and they seem to be a bigger threat than Iraq (at least to me). A two-front war? When I imagine the war on Iraq, the image that comes to my mind is that of the first Desert Storm. Iraq shouldn’t be too big of a problem to fight. I think it’s a wise decision on Bush’s part to leave other countries such as China to take some responsibility on North Korea. Also, the U.S. promises to help Iraq rebuild. It would take a lot of time and money, but it should be worth it.

The most important thing to remember is that our military serves their country so we can have the freedom of speech and expression. There are people that spilled blood and gave lives for the U.S. flag; the flag that some people burn or spit on; the flag that some people don’t respect during the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance. Freedom is not free; it was bought at a price and that price was war.

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