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Exercise Lesson 9: Adding Videos to Your Slide


Below are a few exercises to help you practice. Follow instructions carefully. A sample slide is shown to help you understand how your final outcome should look.

  1. Using your current presentation, create a new slide.
  2. Change the layout to the Blank Template so that there is nothing on your slide.
  3. Insert a short video onto your slide.
  4. Set it to play only when clicked. Re-size your video box so that it is at the center of the page.
  5. Under the video, insert a textbox.
  6. Inside the textbox type, “This video is relevant to my topic because of certain reasons”.
  7. Change the font of your text to Times New Roman, size 20.
  8. Change the textbox fill to black.
  9. Change the text color to green.
  10. Above the video, insert another textbox.
  11. Here, type “Video Slide”.
  12. Change the font of your text to Times New Roman, size 44.
  13. Change the textbox fill to black.
  14. Change the text color to orange.
  15. Align the text to the center.
  16. Preview your video to see whether or not it works.
  17. Save your changes by using the Quick Access Toolbar

Upon completion of the 16th step, your third slide should look like this:

In this exercise, we were able to practice inserting videos into slides. We were also able to practice re-sizing them. In addition to this, we were able to practice inserting and editing text; we were also able to see how this can complement a video in PowerPoint presentations.

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