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International Students

Landed on the land of opportunity and just understanding what the struggle for existence means. The international students leave their mother lands with dreams. And in no time some of them find their dreams shattering because it is hard to cope with the academia and the culture here. Being international students in USA has its own advantages and disadvantages. While being here offers a bountiful of rich experiences, it also gives you great deal of pain. Fitting into culture, altogether different and often weird, is certainly not easy. Additionally, lack of fluency in English will pose a challenge to them both inside the university and outside.

‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ and so the proverb goes. So being in America, you should also at least try to be like Americans, mingle with them and talk like them. And personal interactions are must to be able to adjust and get most out of your stay here. The only way to be able to do so is to develop your fluency in the speaking, listening and writing in English. So keep speaking and writing in English! Learn from others (your classmates and professors); get help from them when you confront some dilemma regarding English grammar, usage, collocation. Then constantly use what you have learnt in your speaking and writing.

Writing essay assignments is an important aspect of any grading system in the colleges and universities here. And this may be the biggest challenge the international students face. You may be very good at writing in your language but writing in English is not the same. The way of writing is different here simply because the writing culture here is different. For instance, in your country borrowing ideas from the authors may well be praised, but here you may be even punished because it is plagiarism! Also, even if you have been using English as a second language in your place, English used in USA may, and most likely, is different. The use of idioms and phrases by your classmates may just overwhelm you. The international students are expected to prove that they can do well. They have to make the professors believe that they are able to learn, that they have their own ideas and views to the issues talked in class, that they can interact too.

And these challenges may well reflect in your essay and even affect your academia. This alone can be a reason to let you down when it comes to your grade. And a good grade is the selling proposition when you are looking for a good job. A poor grade means a low profile job. Also, if you want to get into a good institution for further education, poor grade equals a rejection letter. And all these in spite of your hard work! It is just not fair, right? So it is important that you do not let your English be a reason for academic failure. You should understand what is expected of you whenever you are writing an essay. You should be able to demonstrate your ideas, views, and understanding in proper approach and right language.

ProfEssays.com understands and genuinely empathizes with the students having undergone such a mental stress of having to fail assignments. Thus, since our inception in 2003, we have been continuously providing essay writing help to international and exchange students. Our experienced writers understand very well the need and requirements for essays for international students and the essays for exchange students. We take pride for being a part of the success story of thousands of the students with English as a second language. We will craft the custom essay as per your level and requirement. And do not worry about plagiarism, all the essays are written from scratch giving it a completely new content.

We are committed to giving you essay writing help in every possible way. You just give us your specifications and requirements, and a top notch quality paper will be delivered to your e-mail id in given time frame. If you urgently need a paper, we can even complete it for you within up to 8 hours. Every single customer is valuable to us and hence we customize our services according to their need. We do not like hassles ourselves and do not want to be one for you. Hence, we have 24/7 customer support team. You can take advantage of the team as you wish, anytime, for order or any queries, or issues. And we charge very affordably for all the services, our intention is to be friendly with the international students not be a burden to them. All of the personal details of the customers are kept confidential. We have the most secured software available for online transaction. So, take advantage of our services to make your stay in USA as comfortable as possible; and above all, to excel in academia and your career. All the best…

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