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Help a friend and earn money while at it!

Join our affiliate program and earn money while helping your friends and classmates.

Earn commissions from the traffic you direct our way! The more you bring in the more you earn. All this can be done by simply referring our Custom Writing services to your friends and acquaintances. We offer extra bonuses to those who bring in affiliate business that touch specific volumes. Join our affiliate program by signing up, send emails or float fliers and we pay you commission based on the business brought in by your affiliate link. Simple as that!

To make it clear, this is how it works

1. You join our affiliate program.

2. We create unique coupon code for your friends.

3. Your friends choose a service on ProfEssays.com and order it by using the coupon code.

4. Your friends get 7% discount while you will get 10% cashback of their order cost as a bonus.

5. The coupon code is unique and linked to your affiliate account. The system automatically credits your account every time the coupon code is used by your friends.

6. We pay you when your accumulated commission reaches a minimum amount say $50 via PayPal or wire transfer to your bank account. You can use your commission as a discount for his own orders any time, even if your total commission is less than $50.00.

Simple and Easy at no cost to you!

You need not invest anything to be a part of our affiliate program. All you need to do is - share your unique discount code with your friends. Free time is a lot more fun when you gather the whole crowd and have some extra money to enjoy it! Earn extra money, give your friends the same freedom you already have, and have some fun together!

Earn more while you help

We offer volume based commissions from affiliate business. We pay higher rates of commission to those who bring more business.

Earn Performance bonuses

The fun does not stop there. We offer performance related bonuses to our affiliates who reach specific business volumes at several levels say, a bonus when your affiliate business reach $5000, then more at $10000 etcetera.

Think of it!

You help your friends and classmates with our premium services, help us with business and help yourself by earning. A win – win situation for all! Remember, by becoming an active affiliate you stand to gain a lot with our performance bonuses and sub affiliate programs.

Well, now that you are ready to earn some serious spending money, come and join our affiliate program.

Join our affiliate program!

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