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In today’s competitive global marketplace, your grades will either doom you to a life of mediocrity or open the doors to higher starting salaries and a career path that helps you attain the lifestyle you want and deserve.

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We employ more than 500 professional academic writers with just one job to do: help you exceed your academic goals today so you can attain the lifestyle you want and deserve in the future.

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Since 2003, ProfEssays.com has specialized in writing essays, term papers, dissertations, and other academic papers for anyone from high school students to doctoral candidates—and everyone in between. We consider no project too big or small so whether you need a quick essay on Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls or a full-blown professional dissertation on Developmental Psychology—we’ve got you covered. Although you may not need our help for most of your writing needs, we are always here 24/7 to help you “Ace” those critical papers whenever you need us!

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But I need a 20-page essay by tomorrow morning…

Not a problem when you hire ProfEssays.com! Just tell us what you need in the evening and we can have it completed for you by the time you wake up!

We employ more than 500 Ph.D and Masters-level academic writers from all over the world so that we have qualified personnel on hand 24/7 who can complete any reasonable project on any topic in just 12 hours or less. From the moment you tell us what you need, we’ll form an Emergency Response team of 4-6 professionals in your topic. They will then outline your paper and split-up to write the sections of copy independently. One writer will then synthesize the individual components into one polished, coherent, and professional academic paper.

Depending on the topic, we have been able to use this cutting edge system to complete high quality 20-page papers in just 8 hours! Now we can’t possibly create a high quality and original dissertation or doctoral thesis overnight, but we can and will work through the night to complete most essays and projects in just 12 hours or less.

I’m just a student—how can I possibly afford to pay a professional academic writer to complete my paper?

If you were to try hiring a professional freelance Academic Writer in the area of expertise you need, the truth is that you probably couldn’t afford their fees. Sporadic work load, high marketing costs, and the need to perform their own research force many professional freelance Academic Writers to charge $75-150 per hour for their writing services.

Unlike freelance professionals who charge a high hourly fee to compensate for inefficiencies in their business model, ProfEssays.com provides flexible and affordable pricing based upon your exact needs—not some hourly quota.

Just contact us for FREE quote! We also understand that there’s a big difference between a high school essay on Shakespearean Sonnets and a senior-level college term paper on Abnormal Psychology—and our prices are scaled accordingly.

And for tighter deadlines, we also have to pay our professional writers more to make sure the copy is completed on time. So if you can give us 2 weeks or more advanced notice, we can significantly reduce your project cost. But if you need a paper by tomorrow morning or very soon, we will have to charge more to compensate our writers.

Either Way, You Are Guaranteed to Receive a 100% Original, High Quality Paper Written by a Professional Academic Writer—With Prices Starting as Low as $13!

How do I know that I’m not handing-in some plagiarized paper that could ruin my academic career?

Unlike many freelance academic writers who might be writing an essay on Chemical Reactivity today and a marketing brochure for a skin care company tomorrow, ProfEssays.com only specializes in Academic Writing. We truly understand the consequences of plagiarism so we have developed a multi-tiered process to ensure every project is 100% original.

First, every completed essay, term paper, etc. is scanned using our cutting edge, constantly updated anti-plagiarism software. Once this automated process is complete, the scanned document is then sent along to our Expert Service Department where it is manually checked for potential plagiarism issues by our team and a plagiarism report is created for your review.

Here’s what’s included with every project from ProfEssays.com:

  • FREE Plagiarism Report and 100% Original Content Guarantee
  • FREE Outline
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  • FREE Bibliography

And You Receive Unlimited Revisions to Ensure You Are 100% Satisfied with Your Final Paper!

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