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Your Explanation Essay

While Writing an Explanation Essay – Pour Your Mastery

Explanation essay, as the name suggests explains why some things are as they are. It tries to answer the questions like what, why, who, and when of things. It also establishes the cause and effect relationship, i.e., what are the reasons and consequences of certain phenomenon. Thus you organize the essay in coherent fashion and give the necessary descriptions. Approaching explanation essay demands that you understand in depth the subject first. If you are not sure about how to go about it, rest your worries, ProfEssays.com is there to help sincere students like you.

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We have some suggestions for you to develop good explanation essays:

  1. Decide the subject- the main purpose of the essay is to measure your maturity level in terms of your thinking and understanding of a matter. So make sure that you have in-depth knowledge of the field before you start the research paper. Understand, for an effective essay, you need to know more than the readers, well, of course, except the professor!
  2. Outline the main points- first outline the main points that you want to talk about. This makes sure that you do not ramble unnecessarily from one point to another. This will also give your paper a logical flow which saves your time.
  3. Answer the questions- the what, who, why, how, when are the basic questions that you need to answer. Nothing confuses the readers like an incomplete explanation. For example, do not stop at saying that coal and diamond essentially are the products of same element- carbon. But explain them in detail.
  4. Convincing- put forward strong evidences, details. Be objective; explain the facts plainly rather than trying to put something that you are not sure of. Surprise them, make them question, let them doubt, but at the end convince them!
  5. From familiarity to knowledge- people may be familiar with the phenomenon but what they lack is knowledge or the understanding. For example they are familiar with the phenomenon of rainfall, thunderstorm and flood, but they may not know how all that actually happens. So your intention here is to turn the familiarity into understanding.

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