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Writing an Opinion Essay: How Should Trison Treat Inmates?

The correctional facility is instituted for the purpose of providing disciplinary sanctions against offenders. In a society, prisons are considered as a part of a country’s criminal justice system. Individuals, who fail to follow criminal and social laws and fail to meet bail conditions, enter the prison system and is penalized or held under the implemented justice system. Prisoners who are locked in correctional facilities are physically restrained, confined within the institution and loses a range of personal freedom. Historically, imprisonment was not considered as a punishment, per se. Instead, the government uses jail facilities as institutions that confines criminal until punishment was handed to them. English legal and social reformer Jeremy Bentham changed all of this. As one of the pioneers of the modern prison system in London, he was mostly credited for conceptualizing the revolutionary idea on the use of the jail system as punishment, rather than just a holding area. Dependent on the offense that a criminal has committed, the type of punishment varies while some offenders receive imprisonment sentence of one year or less, more serious crime offenders end up being imprisoned for life, or even be put to death in some instances. In a criminal justice system, the type of punishment is not the only one that is classified. The United States of America implements different levels of security. These categories ranges from the most disciplined to the more lax type of security. Professays.com provides you with a brief backgrounder on the varied types of US security level in the correctional facility. Each facility employs a unique way of conducting disciplinary measures among the inmates. The way the prisoners are treated is entirely dependent on the system he is in. Hence, knowing the fundamentals of which becomes necessary if you are trying to come up with an essay: how prison should treat inmates? This set of information may provide you ideas on the possible essay topics that you can discuss and it can also enlighten you on how you can write your essay on the prison system and the treatment that inmates deserve.

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Professays.com is a company dedicated in providing comprehensive customer assistance. We spare nothing when it comes to customer service because we take your academic paper requirements seriously. We are committed to provide the assistance that you require. As such, we have provided below the 9 classifications of security or custody to help you begin your essay: how prison should treat inmates?

  • Super max is the facility that takes custody of the worst of the worst offenders. In this facility, prisoners are held in individual cells and stay there for 23 hours in a day. These are mostly terrorists who are capable of causing threats to national security. They are given 1 hour each day allotted for physical activity. However, they remain under surveillance and they are not allowed to interact with other inmates.
  • The administrative custody was created for criminal offenders who are usually mentally ill. Inmates in this detention centers vary from minimum security to ultra max. Hence, treatment on the inmates varies.
  • Maximum security houses criminal offenders who can potentially harm other inmates, themselves, the staff, and the institution itself. To ensure that security is maintained, various checkpoints, high perimeter fence and barriers are implemented. The supervision of the inmates remains constant.
  • High security is a detention facility that is considered as the mid ground for all crimes of violence. Their treatment is generally characterized with a high staff and inmate ratio.
  • Medium security is a classification of custody that houses inmate with moderate security threats. The treatment and restriction they receive is relative to their behavior. Such that, inmates who constantly comply with the rules of the institution will receive opportunities to get a job.
  • Close security is midway to medium and low security facilities. Such facilities are rare.
  • Low security provides its inmates with a higher level of autonomy. Inmates here do not pose serious risk. They are given an opportunity to interact with the society. However, their access to which is limited and supervised.
  • Minimum security provides the lowest level of security. Often referred to as a prison farm, this facility provides its inmates with a work oriented environment.

The different types of classification on the security of a penitentiary provide you with different viewpoints in creating an essay: how should prison treat inmates? This type of essay is generally an opinion essay. Hence, you will be required to provide your viewpoint on the issue. In whatever side you choose, or in whatever stand you take, keep in mind that your claims must be substantiated by a valid reference material. ProfEssays.com is here to assist you.

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