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Writing a history of Bosnia and Herzegovina essay

No matter how small or unpopular a country may seem, the fact that there exist a rich history and remarkable heritage is undeniable. Situated in the Balkan Peninsula of South East Europe, the country of Bosnia Herzegovina provides one of the most interesting histories in the region. The records on their history even dates back to the prehistoric period, having been identified as a country that has been home to varied prehistoric cultures. If you are writing a history of Bosnia and Herzegovina essay, then it is important for you to take note of the events that has occurred in the pre-historic period until today. Many academic books and historical archives are widely available on line and in libraries. Going through several publications can inspire you on a specific essay topic. ProfEssays.com provides you with an insight on the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina to help you come up with essay writing ideas.  

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The area on which the boundaries of Bosnia and Herzegovina lay today is a former federal unit of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. They have gained their independence in the decade of 1990s as a result of the Yugoslav wars. ProfEssays.com provides you further insight on this interesting country with the following details enlisted below. For the purpose of illustration, we have subdivided the history of this country into 8 eras. Each era is characteristic on its own, having contributed to what we know as Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

  • Pre historic period
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to the oldest Paleolithic structure in the region, which are the engravings in Badanj cave, which can be found in the Herzegovina region
  • Pre-Slavic Period
    • Records show that there are already inhabitants in Bosnia during the Neolithic age. These settlers were known as Illyrians.
    • It is in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina where Rome fought against the Illyrians. Known as the Great Illyrian Revolt, this was an uprising of the indigenous Illyrians against the Romans.
    • During this period, there was constant change in who colonized the country. After the Roman Empire conquest, they were conquered by Ostrogoths, Alans, Huns, Byzantine Empire, then the Avars.
  • Medieval Bosnia
    • The system of Feudalism was brought to the country.
    • Many Illyrians were converted to Christianity.
    • The areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina was being disputed by the Byzantine Empire and Kingdom of Hungary during the High Middle Ages.
    • Bosnia became an independent state but eventually ceased by 1643 because of several incidences of uprising and conquests.
  • Ottoman Era
    • During the conquest of the ottomans, the cultural and social identity of Bosnia was maintained and preserved.
    • Various changes were introduced by the Ottomans to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This included changes in government, social and religious segregation.
    • Many Bosnian architectural structures were established during this era, which includes: libraries, schools, clock tower, bridges and Mosque
    • Many Bosnians became influential to the Ottoman Empire.
    • The Ottoman occupation ended when there exist unrest in the agrarian sector, causing uprising among the peasants.
  • Rule of the Austrians and Hungarians
    • The Austro-Hungarian colonizers brought several reforms which is aimed at making Bosnia and Herzegovina a model colony.
    • New laws were implemented, political practices were revised and modernization was prioritized.
    • The Austrians and Hungarian rule was very effective in implementing economical reforms but it failed to address the nationalistic ideals of the people.
    • The government wanted to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was vocally opposed by the Russians. To resolve the dispute, both parties came to an agreement – which the Austro-Hungarian government failed to recognize.
    • The tension between Russia and the government eventually lead to World War I, ending the rule of the Austro-Hungarians over Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The first Yugoslavia
    • After the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina became part of Yugoslavia – which is also comprised of Kingdoms of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
    • It was also during this time that Yugoslavia was occupied by the German Nazis in 1941.
  • World War II
    • When Yugoslavia was conquered, Bosnia and Herzegovina became a part of Independent State of Croatia.
    • Resistance against the Nazis eventually resulted to the institution of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia.
  • Socialist Yugoslavia
    • Bosnia was chosen by the Yugoslavian government as a military base. This enabled many Bosnians to gain arms and military powers, causing Yugoslavian break up.

The outline that we have provided above can give you ideas on how you may write your history of Bosnia and Herzegovina essay. ProfEssays.com suggests that going through the outline can just help you find the interesting essay topic that you are looking for.

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