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A writing task on a teaching essay, an oxymoron nonetheless, is one type of essay that may seem too difficult to discuss. Not only because your teacher is bound to encounter an essay about his profession – but the endless possibilities by which you can discuss teaching, as a topic, can cause confusion to many. ProfEssays.com understands that teaching is a very general topic and composing an essay about something so broad and common can either make or break you as an essay writer. As a universal rule, it is essential for you to narrow down your topic to make it more interesting. Discussing a topic and treating in a general manner will only lead to a number of discussions which can later on, be inconclusive. The essay plan which you have exerted in writing your essay may just turn into a useless effort.

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ProfEssays.com has a number of suggested topics below that can help you in writing your teaching essay.

  • Teaching English as a Second Language to Asian adults
  • How to identify exceptional students through exams
  • Examinations: an objective tool in assessing a student’s performance
  • How to create effective questions to stimulate a learning environment in the class room?
  • The biggest challenge of an educator
  • The value of extra curricular activities in today’s academe
  • Similarities and differences of teaching methods in America and Canada
  • The use and efficacy of audio video materials in teaching
  • Teaching essay writing
  • Ensuring continuity of education at home through assignments
  • Teaching the youth, with diverse cultural background
  • Incorporating values in all educational programs
  • Creating a curriculum for teaching special children
  • How to deal with teaching children with AD-HD (Attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder)
  • Using games as a tool for teaching.

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