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How to Write Romeo and Juliet Essay

Custom Written Romeo and Juliet Essays 

Romeo and Juliet is a play base on prohibited love, it is a tragic play, meaning that the major character of the play Romeo and Juliet died. It is a very interesting and exciting play whose signs in sands of time is still very visible, and highly emotional, Romeo and Juliet essay is an exciting and adventurous journey into time.


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Writing Romeo and Juliet essay requires such skills like:

  • analytic, because one is expected to write base only on ones analysis;
  • descriptive, been a play meant for the stage, a writer is expected to create vibrant and vivid images in the mind of readers,
  • use of dramatic techniques, literary devices and poetic devices such as: soliloquy, aside, irony, exaggeration, sonnet, etc. should be employed.

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What to avoid doing when writing Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. Don’t confuse the concept of writing represented in this essay; it is based on a play, don’t deviate and make it look like a Prose, or novel, let the readers have a feeling of watching a drama.
  2. Write about the play as if you watched it in a theatre and not in a video, or book.
  3. Find out how to use literary devices in projecting meaning, analysis, and description. Example the use of “sonnet” in the prologue, used to denote requited love. Point to note here is that the poetic device sonnet used in the prologue to denote a love match between Romeo and Juliet.

Other things to note while writing this essay is the setting, effects, costume, language, and scene, for more detailed description of dos and don’ts see ProfEssays sample essays.

Steps on writing Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. When asked to analyze a play, start by classifying it into sections like: family, culture, society, language, background, love etc., this makes the work easier and more coherent.
  2. Read the play, find out the theme or subject matter of the play, what is the author trying to portray in the play?
  3. Introduction: list various points based on the classification above, what is the relevance to the theme?
  4. Body: using different paragraphs explain the key points listed in the introduction, cite some examples, reference, and quotations.
  5. Conclusion: Make a final assertion on what you think about the death of Romeo and Juliet, support by establishing some connection with few of the points listed.

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