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Formulating Research Essay Topics

Research Topics for Essays

A good research essay topic will furnish valuable and interesting information on its subject matter for the purpose of correcting public misconceptions. A fine example is “In the light of recently opened archives in Russia what was the politico-economic philosophy prevalent in Russia during the second world war and how did this affect the circumstances and performance of Russian soldiers during the Nazi attack on Russia?” This topic aims to discover latest available and therefore little-known data about the political and economic setting in which Russia involved itself in the second global war.

Download Free Sample of Research Essay Topics

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This information is valuable, interesting and will furnish the reader with a clearer view of Russia’s stance towards the second world war. Your research essay topic should update the reader on recent developments or discoveries regarding the topic in your informative essay. If you need help in this, your school adviser will be the first person to ask. On the other hand, a well-equipped resource on all fields of learning is ProfEssays.com. It is served by professional writers and providers who are holders of masters and doctorate degrees in all branches of learning.

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The following is a preview of possible research essay topics:

  1. The extent of poverty in the world has established underground rules of trade for the survival of the underprivileged. Research on the prevalent features of this underground economy. Identify the equivalent of each feature in our legitimate economy if any. Carefully weight the merits of each. Discuss incorporating such features if possible into traditional economy to address and eventually lessen world poverty.
  2. Many new issues regarding life and morality are not addressed satisfactorily by established world religions. What are examples of such issues? What are the measures that have been taken to address them? Were these measures successful or not. Explain why? Give your personal recommendation about resolving such issues working from a particular philosophical outlook.

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