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Where Can You Find Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

The process of writing an essay is a complex one. Very often this is not a one day project. You have to get ready for this type of academic writing. It concerns both a content of your research paper and its structure. Very often students get discouraged when professors do not accept their essays just because the writing does not comply with norms and thesis, dissertation or research paper requirements. It should be noted that such researches are required for all academic papers, where no mistakes and discrepancies are tolerated. This especially concerns proposal essays which are very popular essay types in high schools and colleges.

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Proposal Essays on any Topic

The purpose of a proposal essay is to convince the reader on particular opinion or idea. In simple words, you pick the problem and look for its solutions. Very often students are offered to write proposal essays that concern school or college life. Sometimes, proposal essays are related to acute social problems, like racial or sexual discrimination. Traditionally, proposal essay does not differ from other essay types in terms of structure. So, it should have introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction you discuss actuality of the problem, while the body contains the research itself. In conclusion you summarize information and offer solutions to problems mentioned.

A proposal essay is very much about changing the world for the better. As was already said above, proposal essays often concern social issues. At the same time, students are free to write such essays on any topics. It should be said that the choice of a topic is an important stage in writing of proposal essay. The problem that you choose and that your essay will be focused on must be acute and interesting, otherwise even if you present the strongest arguments, readers or a teacher will not appreciate that.

Proposal Essay Topics Help

You do not have to go too far to look for potential proposal essay topics. Just have a look around. Write about discrimination in your neighborhood or drug abuse among teenagers. Look at how your college classes are organized. We are not living in a perfect world. So, there will always be problems, and the purpose of your proposal essay is to look for an adequate solution. Sure thing, your essay will not change the world, but it will show your talent and writing skills.

There is a common mistake that students underestimate requirements to proposal essays. Of course, there are not so many limitations for proposal essays as compared to other types of academic writing, but students still have to meet requirements and writing of standards of proposal essays.

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A proposal essay is one of the most thought provoking assignments that a student can receive. This type of essay is written based on a precise and identified problem. In this essay, a writer is tasked to inform his reader about pressing issues. What separates this from an informative essay is that it also includes solutions that can resolve the problem. A proposal essay should be convincing and that it should encourage the readers to use the solution presented by the essay writer.

This type of essay is also used to promote products or services that the writer would want to support. Because of the big weight of this essay, the essay writer is required to conduct an extensive research to support the arguments and claims. A good essay plan should be mapped in order to know the direction of the essay at an early age. Furthermore, to make your essay writing more efficient, it is best to plot an essay outline that is separated in a structured essay format. The basic essay format includes: essay introduction, body and conclusion. No matter what the type of essay, ProfEssays.com understands that picking an interesting topic is the first critical step in the whole custom essay writing process.

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With this in mind, ProfEssays.com has come up with a few suggested proposal essay topics:

  • Gender discrimination in the workplace (sexual orientation is considered prior to hiring)
  • Domestic violence in American homes
  • Low quality of received education
  • Global warming experienced in major cities
  • Low job satisfaction among young professionals
  • Raising kids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Drug abuse among the youth
  • Discrimination against gay men and women
  • Combating health issues related to smoking and drinking
  • Pollution brought about by technology and development
  • The changing times and the new diseases that come with it

Personal Essay Topics

The topic of your personal essay depends on its purpose. Who will evaluate your essay and what are the evaluation criteria? Personal essay topics can vary. In most cases you should describe your knowledge, skills, aspirations, experience, career prospects etc. In other words, you have to represent your personality in writing. That’s not an easy job though. You have to think what highlights of your essay are and what should you focus on. For example, if you’re applying for a grant you must persuade committee that you really have necessary knowledge and experience to participate in an exchange program or apply for a grant.

Persuasive Essay Topics

A personal or proposal essay has to be persuasive. In simple words, having read your essay, a professor or any other evaluator must believe you. If this is an admission essay, you have to persuade admission committee that you are intelligent and hard working, an applicant the college or university will be proud to admit. Persuasive essay topics can cover a number of issues, including personal and social ones. For example, if you are writing an essay in which you state your reasons to become a doctor, you have to present strong arguments to persuade readers.

College Essay Topics

As a rule, college students are assigned with essay topics. But it often happens that students are free to choose any topic they like in a particular area. For example, you might be asked to write about any event in the US history or any urgent political issue. When choosing college essay topics, you should make sure that you are competent enough in a particular area. Never write on something you do not know much about.

Argumentative Topics

When choosing argumentative topics you should make sure that you have gathered enough material to support your own thoughts with quotations from books, research papers, magazines and newspapers. If you are claiming that “white is white and not black” you have to present enough arguments to support even obvious things and ideas. In fact, every statement in your essay has to be supported by a fact, otherwise this will be just your personal opinion that may have nothing to do with reality.

Research Topics

Every professor at every university would tell you that research topics should be interesting and relevant. Why write about issues that have been already thoroughly studied? Your research paper should focus on issues that received little or no attention of scholars. You have to choose a research area in which you have experience and sound knowledge, as it is very difficult to analyze unknown things and phenomena. Ask for an advice from your professor or teacher.

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