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Nicotine is a principal ingredient of tobacco. It is highly detested by the health professionals and a large mass of public. Thanks to nicotine, smoking is probably the most hated habit one can get attached to. With mostly negative effect, nicotine is an unhealthy substance that is easily available. Thus writing nicotine essay can be interesting to deal with when you want to explore more about this highly hated substance. But, the essay may be a pain when you are forced to complete the essay the way your professor wants. And the burden is even harder to tolerate when the essay is attached to the final grade that you will be given. If you are also in the same dilemma, then leave the confusion, ProfEssays.com will complete for you an excellent Nicotine Essay framed to meet your need.

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The following ideas of nicotine can help you build an interesting nicotine essay.

  • Addictive substance – for the essay you can focus why has nicotine been considered as so infamous substance? Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. The smokers feel the desire to continue smoking due to the pleasure and the nicotine present in the tobacco.
  • The immediate effect – the immediate effect of taking nicotine is reduced tension and relief from tension. It stimulates the leading to increased adrenaline activity. Thus it makes them forget all of their worries by making them live in the present.
  • The diseases – we all know the negative effects of smoking. And the same applies here too. The main diseases that nicotine causes are asthma, lung cancer, gum cancer, throat cancer, loss of vision, or even death when taken in large quantity. And thus there are so many anti- smoking campaigns.
  • The statistics – another area of your consideration for the paper could be dealing with the statistical figure for the nicotine usage, the age group that are using it the most and the negative effects for the same.
  • De-addiction – there are many ways to de-addict the smokers and thus nicotine. The best way would be to chew chewing gum that will help the addict to forget smoking, or taking counseling session. Also the family support is imperative to ensure that the smokers quit. However the process should be slow so that quitting will not create any negative impact.
  • The paradox – there however are many researches that shoe that nicotine actually increases the thinking capacity of an individual! Also it helps them in sharpening memory power. Thus there are some therapeutic use of nicotine in treating the patient of memory loss and Alzheimer.

Thus you see, there are many sides of nicotine that you can deal for your essay sample. You should make sure that whichever topic you choose should be interesting enough and offer you apt information required. If you are dealing with the negative impact of nicotine, probably you can use some medical terminologies on the basis of audience.

Also you should be careful in choosing the right and current information, especially if you are talking about the trends and statistics. The nicotine essay will take argumentative form, which means you should depend upon strong facts and evidences for every idea that you put forward in the essay. Even if you are using your ideas and opinions, make sure they are solid and logical. Then you should ensure right outline for the paper. For further help on outline, you can follow the link Essay Help from Professional Custom Paper Writing Company.

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