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Middle East essay deals with the Middle East nations, the issues and various other aspects surrounding the nations. Writing about Middle East may not be that easy with so many variances among the nations and so many aspects that can be considered. Is writing the essay giving you trouble. Are you finding hard to locate information of Middle East? Do you need any help for the essay, or do you want a professional touch to the essay so that the essay does not become a setback for your academic success? Well then, be assured you are at the right hand.

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Meanwhile you can take into consideration the following ideas for your Middle East essay-

  • The history – the earliest civilizations took birth in the area of Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, and Indus. Besides the religions Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Islam are also a product of Middle East. Thus obviously Middle East has a rich history that you can consider for the essay.
  • The economy – the economy of the Middle East is diverse. Some of the nations like Qatar, U.A.E, Bahrain and Kuwait are very rich while the countries like Yemen and Gaza are very poor. The main driving force for the rich nations is the reliance in the petroleum exports.
  • The main religion- the main religion of Middle East is Muslim. Middle East is the home to one fifth of the world Muslim population. Thus, you can focus on how Muslim came into being in the 7th century. How it gradually spread across the nations, and the culture of the people there.
  • The issues- the main issues that you can consider for the paper are – the nuclear development by Iran, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq war, Al- Qaeda, the anti-Semitism prevalent in the Middle East, etc. you can forward your take on each of them and what you believe are the solution to the same.
  • Other aspects – you can also focus on the social structure, the geography, the natural resources, the cuisine, the climate, the political structure of the Middle East nations. You can also consider aspects like globalization in the Middle East, the different wars that took place and have been taking place in the Middle East.

These are the ideas for topic that can guide you. Once you figure out what topic you want to deal in the essay, make an essay outline to give the essay right structure and formats. The essay takes the introduction- body- conclusion form with important role of each. Introduction, as the word suggest gives a general background and creates an environment for discussion. The body elaborates the points that you are incorporating in the essay. Here you write all that you are meaning to communicate to the readers. Finally the conclusion summarizes the essay in few sentences. Be warned you should not introduce any new idea in the conclusion but only reinforce the points you made in the essay.

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