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LSD Essay

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LSD short form for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a drug that creates a hallucinating experience in the person using it. It has got huge attention lately as it is abused by the youths. Its use is so rampant that it is believed to be used or tried by thousands and thousands of college level students. Given an essay assignment on LSD but you are not sure how to write it?

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We have compiled some topics that you can incorporate in your LSD essay.

  • The details – well, if you are students of science, you can talk about the drug, the mechanism, and the ingredients of the drugs. You can also focus on how it works on those taking it, how it affects the neuron in the brain, how the drug came into existence etc.
  • The effect – The effect of the drug depends upon the person, the amount of the drug, circumstances, etc. It creates hallucinating experience in the person taking it. Dizziness, nausea, weakness, rapid increase in heart rate and hallucination are the main effects of LSD among others. And it lasts for several hours.
  • The potentiality to abuse- the negative impacts of the disease has been studied for several years, especially during 1950s and 60s. Though the drug had positive effects when given under controlled environment, there was a potential possibility for its abuse, especially as drugs.
  • The History – in 1950s it was used as a medicine to help the some mental conditions like autism, psychological distress, alcoholism, etc. But, strict laws and regulation of the drug led to a sharp decline in the research and transaction of the drug. Eventually, the drug was banned. However the drug users started using LSD as a drug like cocaine or heroin.

Thus, by now you may have decided the topic for your LSD essay. Next you should perform an in-depth research for the topic you want to focus for the paper. LSD has a long history and hence you should make sure what you are writing is relevant as per the current scenario. Thus, focus on the current source for any materials you borrow for the paper. Next, put it in the right structure. You should first introduce the topic to the readers by telling them what you are going to talk about in the essay sample. Then, in next few paragraphs, 3 or more depending on the length of the essay, you should discuss the topic in full. You should be able to anticipate what the readers want to know for the topic so that you can frame your essay to convince your point. Finally, you should give a small recap of the entire essay in few lines and conclude the essay.

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