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Kinds of Essays

In essence, essays are the reflection of your mind. You express your opinions related to something you strongly feel about or something you simply want to be heard. As a pedagogical tool, essays are used to evaluate students’ understanding in a particular area. It is also considered an integral part in admission process of many colleges and universities. There are many kinds of essays depending upon the purpose and the message intended.

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ProfEssays.com has compiled the following different kinds of essays for your understanding.

  1. Narrative essays – you have an interesting story close to your heart and you want to share it. You want other to gain from what you learnt during an interesting day out, in a picnic or fishing. You want to talk about how certain event shaped your life. If so, narrative essay is the right choice for you. You decide your purpose and then share your experience in an organized fashion.
  2. Descriptive essays – basically, descriptive essays are the mirror image of your physical senses. You give a clear verbal portrait of a place, person or object of your choice. Here you need to ensure that the readers get the same emotion, ideas and perception about the things as you do.
  3. Persuasive essays – persuasive essays require you to creatively position your ideas into the readers’ mind. You break their set notions about certain things by appealing to their emotions, interests and values. Thus, here you use solid reasoning that is well supported by facts and evidences.
  4. Definition essays– definition essay involves writing plain facts about certain things. You delve into the meaning and give clear ideas about things to the readers. For example, you explain about internet, PCs, or certain abstract ideas like love, hatred, and happiness. Essentially you present facts, examples, and comparisons to affect understanding.
  5. Compare and contrast essays – You establish some basis and then go on to highlight the similarities or the differences between two (or several) objects. Thus, it demands you to think critically about the objects and be keen about what you see, feel, hear and then portray the same.
  6. Cause and effect essays – cause and effect means building the relationship between why things happen and what consequences they have. It tries to identify the unknown, ‘the cause’, from what is known, ‘the consequence’ or vice versa.
  7. Argumentative essays – Here you deal with the ideas that can be argued, defended and even questioned. Your main aim is to break the readers’ set notion and replace them with yours. Thus it requires that you present strong arguments supported by solid reasoning and evidences.
  8. Critical essays – here you give critical interpretations of a piece of art, music, movie, or literary work. You evaluate the works, judge them, appreciate them or reveal mistakes in them.

Essays reveal your maturity in terms of your thinking, intellectuality and mastery of the material. You pour your creativity and express your viewpoints that others will embrace. Understanding different kinds of essays helps you craft the essays according to the situation, requirement and purpose. Learn them to ensure that your aim is fulfilled and intended result achieved! And always remember ProfEssays.com is there to meet all of your academic custom essays writing needs.

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