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Islamic Fundamentalism Essay Writing Help

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Any person who has a strong belief has ideologies that he feels strongly about. Islamic fundamentalism describes these ideologies. In the religion of Islam, the fundamentals are rooted in Qur’an and Sunnah. Qur’an or more appropriately referred to as Holy Qur’an, is the book or text that is the basis of Islam. Considered as the book that provides divine guidance among all mankind, Qur’an is identified to contain all the revelation of God. It is believed that their holy book is a text that contains the revelations of Allah to Muhammad, as orally relayed through the Angel Jibril (or Gabriel, in Christian context). Unlike the Roman Catholic’s the Bible, the Holy Qur’an is said to be written upon Muhammad’s dictation. Because of Muhammad’s close association with the Qur’an, it is referred by many as his main miracle. Meanwhile, Sunnah – another foundation of Islamic fundamentalism – means usual practice, in Arabic.

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This term is used by Muslims to identify the living habits of Muhammad. Sunnah contains the words, practices and actions of Muhammad that provides guidance on questions and concerns related to creating affiliation with family, friends and the government. Aside from the two texts, Islam has other foundation that is considered central to their function. Knowing these is critical in writing an Islamic fundamentalism essay. If you need to write any type of custom essay, why not consider seeking the help of ProfEssays.com. Read more on the following topics: informative essay writing, culture essay writing and economics dissertation writing assistance.

As all great things are founded on great ideologies, Islam has a set of practices that they abide by. Called as The Five Pillars of Islam, these practices are the duties that Muslims need to fulfill. As this is a critical element of Islamic fundamentalism, ProfEssays.com provides you with a list of these pillars to assist you in writing your Islamic fundamentalism essay.


  • Shahada is a statement used to adhere to monotheism or the belief of One God. Aside from this, Shahada also refers to a Muslim’s acceptance of Muhammad as a messenger of God.
  • Shahada is usually recited in Arabic, “(ashadu an) la ilaha illa I-Lahi wa (ashhadu ‘anna) Muhammadan rasulu I-Lahi”, which means I profess that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Salah is the term used to refer to Islamic daily prayer. There are five prayers, which include: Fajr, Duhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. These prayers must be recited while facing Mecca. The schedule of these prayers, are as follows:

  • Fajr – sunrise
  • Duhr – noon
  • Asr – afternoon
  • Maghrib – sunset
  • Isha – evening
  • Zakat

Zakat is the obligation of Muslims to give alms. This charitable act is identified as a personal responsibility of Muslims to help another person’s financial difficulty. Zakat requires one to spend at least 2.5% of his wealth for the needy. The four principles in giving Zakat is

  • The giver must declare his intentions to Allah
  • The Zakat must be given on its due date.
  • If the giver has more than enough, he must give 2.5% of his income. However, if he does not have adequate funds, he can pay by doing good deeds for another.
  • The Zakat must be given within the same community as the giver.

Sawm or Siyam are the Arabic words for fasting. There are three types of fasting that is recognized by Muslims.

  • Ritual fasting is done during Ramadan where Muslims must not eat, drink or engage in intercourse during the day.
  • Repentence fasting
  • Ascetic fasting
  • Hajj

Every Muslim who is physically capable and financially able is required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. This obligation is called Hajj. After the pilgrimage is completed, the Muslim will be called hajj or hajja.

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