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In the political sense of the word, interventionism is the word used to describe a policy or action taken by a state to take over another state for the purpose of improving the latter’s political or economic situation. In many cases, the state that is being controlled is relatively small than the occupying state. Since the goal of interventionism is to improve the economy, the decisions and the actions conducted by the occupying state is non defensive, in nature. Reason on interventionism varies from one situation to another.

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While some are done to support the world government, other’s ideological foundations are rooted in religion. Regardless of the reason behind interventionism, the method of which are classified into two: aggressive and non aggressive. The aggressive method involves the military arms while the non aggressive method uses only sanctions such as trade and economic sanctions. Between the two, it is apparent that the non aggressive method can bring tension within the state. However, the use of non aggressive method could not assure the state of a smooth administration either. In fact, interventionism – no matter how noble the objectives may seem – has been critiqued for several reasons. In writing any type of academic paper, it is important to take note of the varying opinions on the essay topic. ProfEssays.com assists you in writing your interventionism essay by providing the criticisms. This criticism will allow you to have an objective take on the topic that you are discussing. Read more on the following topics: police essay writing, college essay prompts and persuasive essay outline writing.

ProfEssays.com is a company dedicated in providing quality custom essay. We have a pool of academic writers who can provide you with any type of essay you require. We provide extensive assistance by ensuring that quality paper is provided with quality service. Objectivity is essential in essay writing. Taking the neutral stand on any topic is essential because it will allow you to discuss a topic without bias. Hence, your essay will be more credible. To help you start off writing your essay example, we have enlisted below some of the controversies that has affected interventionism

  • Human rights

It is one of the foremost privileges that gets affected. Because of the military input in political interventionism, war crimes can happen. In fact, the International Court of Justice even handles few of those cases, such as genocide. Collateral damage can also cause damages in infrastructures when there are war crimes

  • State terrorism

United States has been suspected for causing terrorism in some countries, which include: Cuba, Chile, Iran Guatemala, Philippines, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Lebanon and Iraq.

  • Occupation

Interventionism has been equated with occupation. Example of this is when there was intervention of the United States of America to Iraq.

  • Media manipulation

Media can be used to manipulate the information flow. As media is a trusted source of “objective” information, it has the power to feed data into the psyche of the population. The culture of fear can be instilled by media in using propaganda with the expressions like, the terrorists have won.

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