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International Crimes Essay

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Crimes committed that involve crossing borders are generally referred to as international crimes. Aside from this, international crimes or also called as transnational crimes can occur in one country only. It will be considered as international if it has affected another country. Examples of this type of crime are: smuggling of goods, human trafficking, drug trafficking, pedophilia, terrorism and also sex slavery. Because of the international scope of transnational crime, many of these are committed by organized groups.

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Since the perpetration of this crime is usually related to an illegal business, many of them operate using a systematic method. Naturally, many international organizations and human rights advocate oppose its proliferation. The negative effect that it has is not only limited to a country’s economy – as it has a pivotal role in causing mental, psychological conflicts that are social and personal in nature. Read more on the following: IB extended essay writing, teaching essay writing help and critical analysis essay assistance.

International crimes disrupt trade and commerce, it destabilizes the government institution and authority, it weakens the democracy, causes depletion of a country’s asset and it does not allow the enhancement and development of the society. These apparent effects are just few of the numerous result of international crimes propagation. However, if it must be summed in a single statement, then: international crimes damage society.

This societal effect is the main reason why many people take interest in this topic. If you are writing an international crimes essay, then you have the perfect opportunity to discuss an interesting essay topic. ProfEssays.com suggests that do not merely discuss the basics of international crimes. Instead, pick a specific essay topic that you feel strongly about. Your strong emotion towards the subject will be your drive in ensuring that your paper will become an academic paper with a good quality.

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If you are required by your professor to come up with an international crimes essay, then we would be glad to help. To further acquaint yourself with this topic is the first key step that you have to do during research. To do so, you must not only perceive international crimes as a single entity because it is not. To illustrate this, United Nations’ High Level Threat Panel has even included international crime as one of the most potent social threat. Understanding the other threats will help you assess in determining how much damage international crimes can make. To serve as a reference, we have enlisted the other 9 below.

  • Poverty or the condition of an individual who lacks the ability to provide for his basic needs
  • Genocide or the systematic eradication of a group based on their social affiliation
  • Weapon of mass destruction, which includes biological, chemical and nuclear weapons
  • Infectious diseases are diseases that can be easily transferred from one host to another.
  • Environmental degradation is the deterioration of our natural surroundings.
  • Other acts of violence, such as sexual slavery and kidnapping to get body parts
  • Inter state war are conflicts that occur between two or more independent states.
  • Terrorism is an act that inflicts fear by causing mishap to civilians, with an aim to adhere to his ideological goal.
  • Civil war or the conflict between two groups from the same nation.

As you would notice from the list, international crimes and the other threats enumerated by United Nations, are somehow linked to each other. This goes to show that it would help if you also conduct research on the surrounding information of international crimes. Armed with this knowledge, writing an international crimes essay would be a cinch. However, what you may not have is the luxury of time. With a goal of passing a high quality academic paper, one must devote time and effort. Sadly, this is not a liberty that many students can enjoy. With the various academic and non academic activities that you need to attend to, writing a simple essay would be a burden in itself – what more if you plan to turn a well researched paper? Worry not, because ProfEssays.com is here to assist you.

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