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When it comes to technological advancements, human’s thirst for innovation can never be easily satiated. Everyday, new technological gadgets are being introduced to the market, as much as new software and hardware are being currently developed. There was a time that a certain gadget would be considered innovative for a number of years. Today, however, is different. A newly introduced gadget that is supposed to be revolutionary and innovative will be considered obsolete in two or three month’s time. The tolerance of many individuals on technological innovation is so low, such that there is always constant demand for something that is easier, faster and more advanced. Hence, all types of industry related to innovation have boomed incessantly. The continuous development related to technology can help you create an information age essay. Many of the reference materials that you need would most likely be available to the internet, for reasons that are quite obvious. However, because of the unremitting growth of the industry – it may be hard to keep up with the most updated information that you may require.

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In fact, many IT experts and professionals even say that once you have purchased any computer hardware or software, it is already obsolete. This just shows that continuous development is always in progress. In addition to this, gathering information on this subject may require an individual to be acquainted with technology know how. Custom essay writers who are studying under this discipline would not really have issues with regard to this aspect. ProfEssays.com says that with an essay topic that is technical, the real challenge lies on translating the information you have gathered into something that many would consider interesting or attention grabbing. Maintaining the interest of your readers from the essay introduction to the conclusion is a critical element in essay writing. Read more on the following topics: police essay writing, child abuse essay writing help and easy essay topics.

ProfEssays.com is a company dedicated in providing you with custom essay that you require. We are a company dedicate in making your academic life easier, by ensuring that you can pass your academic paper requirements in time. We do not only specialize in providing you with an essay, as we can also create custom research paper, custom term paper, dissertation, thesis and coursework. To initially assist you with your information age essay, we have enlisted fun facts that you can use for the introduction of your essay. Using anecdotes and interesting quotes can help you address your concern in encouraging your readers to continue reading. The facts enlisted below, can inspire you in effectively fusing useful information and invoking general interest in your paper.

  • ENIAC is the first electronic computer. Its length is 80 feet and it weighs 30 tons. Despite its gigantic appearance, a regular desktop computer which can be found in most homes today stores million times more information and is 50,000 times faster.
  • When using ENIAC, lights from nearby cities dim because of the large electricity requirement of the device.
  • The term Google was coined from the word googol – a term used to identify the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes.
  • Microsoft mogul Bill Gates used a Macintosh computer to design his house.
  • Every month, there are 6,000 types of virus released.
  • The first hard disk drive had a capacity of 5 MB.
  • The first search engine is WebCrawler.com
  • E-bay was originally called AuctionWeb.
  • Friends Reunited was the first social networking site. It was launched in July 2000.
  • Nevada was called the Most Wired City in America because they provided Wifi access to all the residents.
  • Apple’s commercial which only ran once was called by TV Guide as the best commercial of all time.
  • The widely used plug and play feature of Windows 98 received criticisms and was dubbed as plug and pray by many.
  • Burger King once offered their customers internet free time for 20 minutes.
  • In 1993, Apple tried to split the keyboard into two.
  • The working name of Palm Pilot while it was being developed is Touch Down.
  • The numbers 0 and 1 are the only digits understood by a computer.
  • It is estimated that there are 800 million web pages on line. The figure will double in 8 months time.
  • The extension .com refers to the word commercial

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