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How to Write a Homeschooling Essay

General notions about educational system.
Educational system in different countries all over the world has reached a very high level. There is a great variety of pre-school educational establishments, school time is subdivided into different stages like junior school and secondary school. Junior school can be of different types: secondary comprehensive, grammar and modern school. Such subdivision is traditional in Great Britain, but in our country nowadays there are also specialized classes where children may choose those subjects they like or those that would be connected with their future job. There are also schools that prepare you thoroughly to your future education at the university, it takes you much affords to study there but then the result is quite obvious when you start your university education.
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Reasons for homeschooling.
It’s very interesting to go to school, to spend there so much time getting knowledge, communicating with your school-mates and teachers, taking part in various school holidays. Schooling always makes a great impression on every person and when you finish it you are always overfull of emotions and impressions. You will always remember your first teacher, your first excellent mark, when you first wrote an essay and your teacher read it to the whole class and many other pleasant memories. Unfortunately, not every child can go to school. The main reason why children have to study at home is their health. Nowadays due to horrifying ecological situation many children are already born with awful diseases, genetics also plays an important role in health of a newborn baby, many other reasons may influence the state of health of a child. Due to these reasons a child cannot go to school and he has to stay at home and to study there. Though an old saying goes: there is no place like home, but in this case home is not the best place to stay. I think that for a child it is very important to feel the atmosphere of a school, of a class and I think that sometime sit even cures and if there is a possibility to send a child to school parents should use it.

Nowadays homeschooling is widespread all over the world and not only ill children use it, but also, e.g. a young mother may use such program. There are a lot of modern inventions like internet which may be use during your education, you can communicate with your teacher and your class by means of chart or Skype. A child does not feel himself isolated with the help of such means. I’d like to mention that both children and teachers take an active part in homeschooling. Very often teachers go to their students and help them with their classes, do some exercises, explain some material, sometimes schoolmates do it for a teacher.

Frankly speaking, I feel sorry for such children because I think that anyway they are deprived of a real childhood, and it is up to us to help such children to feel themselves comfortable while studying at home. I am sure that our educational system medicine will be developing further more and some day such children will be able to go to school with other children.

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