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How to Write an Information Age Term Paper

This term paper should be written in the clearest way. While writing the author should pay attention to the definition of the term, the history of the subject, main features of Information Age.

You can start from the meaning of the term Information Age. In fact, it is not the only name for it. In many sources of information you can find out it under the name of Computer Age or Information Era. But the idea is the same. Nowadays everyone can get access to any kind of information easily using his personal computer and great possibilities of the Internet.

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The history of the Internet began since 1969. It was invented by some scientists of the US Defense Department Advanced Research Project Agency. The initial idea of the invention was of restricted application, just the way of preventing a Soviet capture or demolition of American communications in the event of nuclear war. Later this invention became the base of a global network of thousands personal computers. It is used for all kinds of purposes such as mail, schoolwork, jobs or just to find much more information about current events, hobbies by individuals or groups all around the world. It is the easiest way to real-time communication between people.

You have to realize the fact, that the term Information Age concerns not only the Internet. You can use it in relations to mobile phones, any digital gadgets, that we have made a part of our life during last 20 years. Information technology has made a great influence on modern economy, being a sort of accelerator for many novelties. It was a long way from the earliest form of the Internet in 1969 to smartphones and 3D TV mid-to-late 2000s.

The author should mention some characteristics of Information Age.

  1. Practically all physical labor has become an intellectual one. 99 per cent of intellectual labor is analysis, processing, creation and distribution of information.
  2. The speed of getting, processing and analysis of information has increased in dozens of times.
  3. The Internet exists.
  4. The main part of business (bank system, finance markets, trade companies) has closely interacted with the Internet, without it all business activity is stopping. Bill Gates said: “The new approach to business is based on the flow of information. Provide people with new technologies. Transfer all business processes to electronic forms. Get ready for a new epoch.”
  5. High-grade information is becoming valuable product, which will be one of essential goods in the nearest future. Richard S. Byard said:” In old times wealth was measured by the amount of land, gold, oil and cars possessed. Nowadays wealth is measured by information- its quality, amount, timeliness and digestibility.”
  6. Due to development of information technology idea itself has become the main motive power of human civilization.
  7. Due to information space costs and amount of time for idea realization have decreased in dozens of times.
  8. Boundaries between countries are becoming relative concept. They are left only on maps. Information space does not have any boundaries and countries.
  9. A great amount of money has become e-money.

Speaking about the future the author should say that nowadays capacity and operating   speed   of   computers   is   increasing greatly. For calculation of amount of computer operations prefix “peta-“ is used, which means identity of multiplication and 15 naught. Scientists are designing quantum computers and integrating elements into electronic nets, which recall human brain. By 2020 most computer users will have owned more than one computer. E-paper will appear. You will be able to fold display as usual paper. A keyboard and a mouse will go back. Appliances, recognizing voice, gestures, handwriting, will replace them.

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