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How to Write an Information Age Research Paper

As human being grows up he/she collects new information as well as acquires new skills and habits which in their turn enable him/her to apply the gathered knowledge practically. It is not enough for a child to be informed about the footwear and laces. He/she needs to learn to lace the boots unassisted. Likewise it is not enough for a student to learn the data related to the subject studied. In order to become an expert in certain field one is supposed to be able to discuss a topic and to draw conclusions independently by oneself.

Similarly to other useful skills a person acquires in the course of his/her life, the ability to think independently can be developed in the course of thorough intense training. As the muscle bulk can never be grown without doing exhausting exercises at a gym so a student could never learn to think independently having not written lots of essays and research papers. An idler who has his/her assignments done by other people could get a good grade for an assignment though could never learn to reason him/herself.

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In this connection the question of plagiarism must also be dwelt upon.

Although antiplagiarism software is constantly upgraded it is likely to be cheated anyway. Nevertheless cheating is not the feature which characterizes a human being. Such pets as dogs and cats can cheat too, not claiming any degree though. A human who claims ought to make his/her assignments on one’s own otherwise a mark or even the degree taken this way would do idler as much good as human clothes or jewelry does a monkey at a circus.

So let us not liken ourselves to the sly dogs and other beasts instead let’s polish up our writing skills being worth of the age we are living in.

By the way it was Information Age to have offered the plenty of opportunities for earning money by means of free-lance. It has changed the way of life of dozens of people. Furthermore the number of people which endured such changes is comparable to those who had their modis vivendi changed during Industrial Revolution. Similarly to the period of Enclosures and Work Houses there are more and more people losing their confidence in future though nobody deprives anybody of his daily bread by force. People are likely to be cast into misery due to their unwillingness to response to the challenges of the new age. The amount of overall information available in the world is doubled quicker and quicker. That is why the twenty-year-old youngsters become billionaires rendering losers their forty years old colleagues who relied too much upon the knowledge they acquired at their colleges and universities. Formal education thus has retained just its formative features.

Nevertheless a writer should not liken him/herself to the Levelers who deemed the steam machines to have been the causes of their misfortunes.  Likewise steam engines which increased the output of ready made products internet, cellular phones, personal computers and internet also made life easier (although for those concerned only). Know-hows and technologies of Information age allow to store and process more and more information and the writer should give emphasis to the fact that these advancements allow to facilitate the human progress. Advancements of such payment systems as Western Union are likely to eliminate borders and customs and thus intensify global economics. Although the writer must point out that such advancements could render the mighty of the world totally uncontrolled.

Though anyway the writer ought to lay emphasis on the fact that Information Age has come due to knowledge and diligent learning and in order to obey its demands one must learn lest the Information Age play a nasty trick on us and drive us into Lithic Age.

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