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Argumentative Essays Writing Help

An argumentative essay is among those types of essays that require the most critical thinking and careful research. It provides two points of view onto the topic, one supports the idea, and the other rejects it. The decision of which idea is the right one is left for the reader.

An argumentative essay should offer the reader a chosen concept (preferably a controversial one, that would be interesting and challenging), should state the writer’s opinion concerning the topic (either supporting or disclaiming it), and should contain conclusions and summarized writer’s arguments about the topic. The key factor required for an argumentative essay is that it should be supported by information and should involve drawing inferences, deducing, reasoning and arriving at conclusions.

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Argumentative Paper Format

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

In order to write a good effective essay you definitely should start with collecting your thoughts and ideas. Follow the hints below:

(1) Choose a good topic.

The choice of the topic in this case is a serious matter – it has to be vital, socially actual and controversial, so that the argument can be developed. You will need not only to examine competent sources on the topic, but will also have to analyze them without being bias. Think of an argumentative issue, meaning the topic that will contain conflict opinions.

Argumentative Essays

(2) Make an introduction with thesis statement.

Give a thesis statement; it should reveal the main idea of your essay. Also provide general information on the issue and explain why this topic should be of interest to the readers.

(3) Write your arguments for and against the issue.

All your arguments should be supported by strong evidence and underpinned with information that will help you to reason and derive conclusions. There must be more of the pro-ideas (those, which support the statement given in the first part of the essay), whereas the cons should be given before the pros. After you have stated the both sides, you will present your own view of the issue vouched by firm evidence showing why this point of view is correct.

(4) Conclude with a claim statement.

Turn to the main idea mentioned in the beginning again. You should state the very issue again, as if appealing to the reader that you have stated two opposite opinions onto one issue and the reader himself should decide which side he will support.

Format and Structure of an Argumentative Essay (click the image to enlarge)

Argumentative Essay Structure

The structure of an argumentative essay as of almost any other essay should contain the introduction with the thesis statement, main body, and the conclusion. The amount of paragraphs and their length will wary depending on the assignment. In stating the pros (support of the information stated in the main part) and cons (facts which refute the ideas stated previously) of the topic you should show the depth of your critical and analytical thinking.

The format of your essay should be mentioned in your instructions. If not then you should remember that high school and college students in general write essays in MLA format, when university students write essays following the APA format of writing.

The argumentative essay should contain the following points:

  • Introduction of the topic
  • Statement of your objective or claim (thesis statement)
  • Main body
  • Arguments of the claim, with supporting information
  • Arguments against this claim, with evidence against the provided information
  • Counter-argument for the opposition, with more supporting logic
  • Conclusion, restating the claim made in the statement.

After you have provided all for and against arguments in the main body of your essay you may state your own vision of the issue, explaining why you support exactly that idea. Do not forget to provide evidence and sufficient facts that will show your position is correct.

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Topics for Argumentative Essays

As for the topic, it is better to choose a controversial one, which refers to interesting sides of our life or which concerns a problem frequently discussed in our society. For example, political or social issues might be a typical topic for an argumentative essay.

The essay topic itself must capture the reader’s attention. The reader must feel a desire to find out about different points of views on the matter. To keep the interest high, you should find convincing evidence and present it in a logical and coherent way so that the chain of your thoughts would be obvious.

Below you can find several argumentative topics you can use for your essay. Some of them are related to general interests and some to social matters. You can also choose challenging topics when you are sure you can find enough information and evidence to support you ideas and to refute other people opinions.

  • Should smoking be banned in public places?
  • Should we switch from market to e-market?
  • Should life term sentence exist?
  • Advertisement: information vs. manipulation.
  • Death penalty – act of humanity?
  • Internet – better dimension for existence?
  • Stress is good for a human body.
  • Vegetarianism.
  • Euthanasia.
  • Technological progress; is life easier?
  • Cigarettes should be illegal.

Most social issues have controversy in them. These topics are good because they always have two opposite opinions.

Language Used in an Argumentative essay

You can always emphasize the importance of any idea using appropriate language in your essay. The correctly used lexicon enables the reader to easily follow the arguments. For example:

  • While stating arguments against an issue, you would probably want to use such phrases as:

The opponents of this idea announce…/ claim…

Some people may disagree with the idea…

Those against the idea may assert… / defend…

  • While stating why the opponents think that way use:

They develop this idea because…

According to the following statistics they believe…

They claim that…

  • When reaching the turning point use:


On the other hand…

In perspective…


  • When you refute the opposite idea, you can:

a) completely disagree:

After seeing this evidence, there’s no way I can believe in what they are trying to prove…

b) compromise the idea:

To a certain degree they are right…

Their arguments make sense, but…

c) say that their ideas are irrelevant to the topic:

This idea has nothing to do with the problem…

Your thoughts have no proof…/ You cannot prove your idea…

In this case this point is irrelevant…

The usage of such language in your essay will make it more coherent and better for the ear. Your thoughts should not be tight to these very phrases, think of your own ones and insert them in your paper.

Tips for Your Argumentative essay

–          Make an outline

–          Avoid emotional expressions

–          Avoid hasty generalizations

–          Use citations from sources

–          State true evidence

–          Stick to logical conclusions instead of emotional points of view

–          Be ready to defend your point of view and back it with sound arguments

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